LG Content Bank fürs KG800 (Choco)

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      Two clever people finally figured out how to use the Contents Bank to put games onto the KG800. If it wasn't because of their ingenuity, at least they were generous enough to share the information. So, props to Kage Musha and Tatsel74 from another mobile phone forum.

      I have compiled the various bits of information and included them in a step by step process:

      1. Install the Contents Bank software.
      2. Open "config.inf" in the installed program folder.
      3. Change "EXIST_JAVA=N" to "EXIST_JAVA=Y"
      4. Save and quit
      5. In the CONTENTS folder, create a folder named "Java"

      6. Obtain a .jar file. (This may entail changing a .zip file to .jar - this took me a while to figure out.)
      7. Create a corresponding .jad file using JadMaker or some other program.
      8. Put both files into the JAVA folder.

      9. Open the .jad file and add this line at the very bottom: "MIDletX-LG-Contents: KG800"
      10. Save and close.
      11. Open the Contents Bank program, go to the newly created Java button, and the game should be there to download. That's it.

      ** Some things to note:
      1. Many .jar files are incompatible with the KG800. Most K700 .jar files work great with the KG800.
      2. The model of your phone may actually be something other than KG800, and so step 9 will actually not make the necessary changes. To fix this, open the "config.inf" file, as you did in step 2, and change your "MODEL_NAME" to "KG800".


      I know this process can be honed down and made into fewer steps. Part of the reason why it is so complex is because I don't know how to use the programs properly. Anyway, if anyone knows a better way, please post:

      ** you will need to download a program called xvi32. It is a tiny tiny program that doesn't even require installation. I googled it.

      1) Take a picture with you phone in 72x72 size format.
      2) Find an image on your computer. Use MS paint to open it up and crop and resize it. I found that you can manually crop the image in odd nubmers only (ie - 73x73). So, once you have it to about 73x73 pixels, go under Image>Attributes and make the image exactley 72x72 pixels.
      3) Connect the phone with the USB cable (without turning on the modem), open up the "photos" folder and find the image that you just took - make note of the file name.
      4) Save the working image that you just editted into the "photos" folder and give it the same name as the file name that your phone assigned to the picture you just took -- and you must save it in 24-bit .bmp format. This will overwrite the existing file.
      5) Then open xvi32, and open the newly saved file. There should be three windows, each with a bunch of numbers and such. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and at the very end of the middle window, you should see a number.
      6) I was told to "add a zero byte to the end of the string." So I tried to add a value there, but wasn't able to. So what I had to do was go to File>Insert string, and insert a value inbetween the last value and the second to last value. I made the value the same as the original last value.
      7) Then I clicked on the original last value, which now has moved over one spot, and clicked File>Overwrite, replacing that value with 00 (hex).
      8) Then save the file.
      9) Remove the phone safely, stopping it first.

      Honestly, I have no idea what all the xvi32 stuff is supposed to do. All I know is that you were supposed to "add a zero byte to the end of the string." I did what I thought was "adding a zero byte" and somehow it worked. So that's that.