cellity worldCALL v1.0.8 J2ME - low cost international mobile calls

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  • cellity worldCALL v1.0.8 J2ME - low cost international mobile calls

    cellity worldCALL – Talk global, pay local.
    Wherever you are, wherever you call – with cellity worldCALL expensive long-distance mobile calls are history. You don’t even have to change your provider or your SIM-Card. Call the world at lowcosts, whether you call Africa, Asia, North America or Europe, you always pay low prices. Sounds good and simple? Yeah, it is.

    Save massively on international mobile calls!
    It can’t be easier, just install the worldCALL software and you can start. Cellity gives you the first 0,50 € for free, which means talking for example from:

    Thailand mobile > USA, UK, France or Germany 13 minutes (3,7ct/min)
    China mobile > USA, UK, France or Germany 12 minutes (4,0ct/min)

    It can’t be easier, it can’t be cheaper!

    What the #*%! is cellity worldCALL?
    cellity worldCALL is an innovative software solution for your mobile phone, that works on a principle similar to making calls. The worldCALL application works on most mobile phones including Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and others. All you have to do is launch our software then dial. The software then contacts the cellity server* and a few seconds later you’ll be called and connected to whoever it is you want to talk to. The calling costs are paid through your own prepaid cellity account, which you can top up with your credit card or PayPal – giving you full control of your costs.

    *Your provider may charge you for data transfer via GPRS. Please check your contract to be sure you have a reasonable price for data. ** Roaming costs by your network provider will still be incurred if calling from outside your home country. Use the remote call option (if available) to avoid these costs.

    Compatible With:
    All J2ME Models


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