Light Sabre V1.5

  • Up Win CE

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  • Light Sabre V1.5

    N95 series only (confirmed 2 work on the N82)

    Please ensure you have the N95 Acceleromter sis file installed

    Also ensure you install on phone memory and NOT on the memory card

    Some people are having problems with installation and certificates. If you have a problem Go to

    Applications -> App mgr - > Options -> Settings -> Software Installation :

    Select ‘All’

    New Features:

    * Vibration support with Sabre Tingle (tm)
    * Set up your sabre technology (tm) including
    * Set Volume
    * Set Sensitiviy (from 8 (little movement) to 120 (fling across room for swing)
    * Set Vibration On / Off
    * Set Hit Detection ( Auto detects strong movement as hit , Random ,
    causes random hit effect slightly more responsive)
    * Set Sabre Colour (Green, Red , Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange);
    * Setting are now saved.


    §-Nette PN an mich mit Betreff "Light Sabre V1.5"
    §-Danke im Thread
    §-Wenn Link DOWN, dann ist er down.
    §-Ich biete kein Support für die Software.