Lonely Cat Games Slick v0.37 S60v3[The best Multi Messenger]

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  • Lonely Cat Games Slick v0.37 S60v3[The best Multi Messenger]

    Lonely Cat Games Slick v0.37 S60v3[The best Multi Messenger]

    Slick is messenger application for mobile devices.
    It allows you to chat with your friends connected though various online messaging applications.

    Currently it is still in development, and alpha version is available for free for public testing.


    Supported protocols:
    ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN,Jabber, Google Talk
    Text messaging
    Alerts - sound, backlight, vibration, notify window displaying number of new messages
    Group and buddy management (add, delete, rename)
    Message history
    File transfer - send and receive files
    Sending / receiving offline messages
    Downloading files sent as links
    More features to be added

    0.20 (Sep 7 2007) Initial testing version
    0.21 (Sep 11 2007) Fixed vibration crash, UIQ version, setting own status, setting auto-away mode after some time, receiving messages from users not in contact list, detecting and opening web links, reconnect option
    0.22 (Sep 26 2007) Dialog tabs, file download from url, download manager, traffic counter (on Shift key), Send by Enter key (option), groups that contain only offline contacts are hidden, drawing new msg icon also on collapsed groups, receiving html messages on ICQ/AIM
    0.23 (Oct 1 2007) Yahoo audibles, UIQ buttons, separate groups for each protocol, group management: create, delete, rename, buddy management: rename, change group
    0.24 (Oct 6 2007) MSN protocol
    0.25 (Oct 10 2007) Saving message history
    0.26 (Oct 14 2007) Online/total buddy count near group name, protocol-specific emoticons
    0.27 (Oct 17 2007) Fixed vibration crash (S60 3rd ed), fixed crash with emoticon selection, protocol logging
    0.28 (Oct 23 2007) Option to connect automatically or manually, better login progress display, protocol connection menu, option for more compact message display, optional message time display
    0.29 (Oct 26 2007) Copying text from history window, receiving messages from buddys not in list, auto-reconnect option, sending nudges (Yahoo)
    0.30 (Oct 27 2007) Windows Mobile version, multi-selection in history marking, small fixes
    0.31 (Nov 5 2007) Buddy details, text coding option, file transfer on Yahoo
    0.32 (Nov 8 2007) File transfer on ICQ and AIM
    0.33 (Nov 19 2007) Improved sounds and sound configuration, online/offline notification, MSN offline messages, MSN nudges
    0.34 (Nov 23 2007) MSN file transfer, fixed Yahoo crashes, improved S60 T9 writing
    0.35 (Dec 10 2007) Jabber, Google Talk protocols
    0.36 (Dec 12 2007) Jabber+GTalk protocols: SSL, compression, typing notification, fixed Yahoo login problem
    0.37 (Jan 17 2008) Small bugfixes