Route66 Mobile 7 - 7.3.468 - Support with N95 internal GPS

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  • Route66 Mobile 7 - 7.3.468 - Support with N95 internal GPS

    Route66 Mobile 7 - 7.3.468 - Support with N95 internal GPS

    This package is known multilanguage Symbian Route 66 Mobile 7 v2/3. Only this package mysteriously works well with internal N95's GPS receiver !
    It does not ask BT connection at startup and doesn't exists the item "STANDARD GPS" in preferences --> navigation menu. Incredible... but, after some time, satellites fix happens by N95 inside GPS receiver!

    First fix may take up to 10 minutes or more.
    next fix less then a minute.

    No need to open internal GPS status application (even if you want see how much sattelite available)

    Maps not included.

    - Extract rar,
    - sign the sis, (
    - Install signed app.
    - Copy your maps (not included) into system/apps/ROUTE66/maps
    (you need maps for symbian, not ppc)
    - Test application
    - If activation required, choose activate via itnernet and digit <16> character. Make sure 16 and not more!!!

    If don't work, try formatting minisd AND hard reseting your phone.

    - Problems may appear if you have previously tested other Route 66 version with different ApplicationID (Not original may have different AppID, this release should have the same AppID like original).

    - Just resetting phone may not be enough because at restart the phone install signature from microsd.

    - Just formatting microsd may not be enough because phone store signature into internal memory.

    - If it crash calculating path, try another map.

    Tested on N95 - fw: 11.0.026 -ok
    Tested map: Italy.prm 1.7 (from Route66_Mobile_7.0.989.iso)

    Tested on N95 - fw: 12.0.013 -ok

    einfach mal anschreiben