SISWare v4.7.Built.1722607

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  • SISWare v4.7.Built.1722607

    SISWare is the best tools for Symbian Application Install package builder. SISWare providing as freeware and usage limitation of this software described on License item.
    SISWare 4.6 supports sisx and sis file creation and extraction for Symbian9.x and pre-version.

    Supports UIQ3.x platform and most bugs fixed from last version.

    Standard features including:
    * Open SIS file or pkg script file.
    * Extract files from sis package.
    * Edit SIS file or pkg script and re-build.
    * Compile sis file or pkg script.
    * Build sis file with multiple options.
    * Batch extraction of multiple sis files.
    * Sign and UnSign sis file and create self-signed certificate file.

    What's new in SISWare 4.7 :
    * New Product / Platform ID's added, UIQ 3.0, UIQ 3.1 and Series60 v3.
    * PKG compiler bugs fixed for UIQ v3.x platform and signature strings.
    * UIQ 3.x sis file gathering information bugs fixed.

    Release Note
    Known Issue :
    When the sis file contains special characters such as @ # ! &. These character is reserved for special character in PKG file. Then some exception will occur when compile the pkg script, the file path which contains these chars will be set as invalid and all lines of pkg are ignored. To get the uncompiled pkg script, use the SIS Explorer tool inside the SISWare and select the button PKG Script to show it. Contents in sis file still able to extract even the extract path contains these special characters.

    System requirements :
    * Windows Me, 2000 or Windows XP
    * CPU Pentium 200 MHz or higher
    * 20 MB Hard Disk space
    * 128 MB of RAM