Sygic Mobile v7.0.89 S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.Cracked

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  • Sygic Mobile v7.0.89 S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.Cracked


    Sygic presents its inovative GPS navigation software for wide range of mobile devices and smartphones. With intuitive user interface, fast 3D rendering engine and unique safety features, Sygic navigation is proven choice for OEM, distributors, car manufacturers and logistics companies.

    Sygic is ready for the Symbian gps on-board navigation market inquiries for Western Europe, USA, Israel, Greece, Romania, Turkey starting July 31, 2007.

    With a real-time 3D engine, bluetooth/built-in GPS support and European cross-border navigation Sygic MOBILE is the perfect GPS navigation product for Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones.

    We are pleased to announce the official launching of our latest GPS navigation software Sygic MOBILE for Symbian S60 mobile phones. Offering the complex set of features, found in professional navigation solutions, Sygic MOBILE becomes optimal choice for mobile phone operators, mobile phone manufactures and Symbian distribution channels.

    For all Sygic MOBILE inquiries, please contact our sales department at Our team will be happy to serve you to boost the mobile phone navigation market.

    Sygic background

    Sygic develops and sells the GPS navigation software for wide-range of mobile devices and personal navigation systems. The total product range includes InCar computers, PNAs, PDAs, PNDs, mobile phones and UMPCs. Sygic currently supports Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows Mobile, Smartphone and Symbian operating systems to deliver the reliable GPS navigation products to end-users.

    Sygic future development

    Sygic intensively works on its real 3D engine, that will deliver the real 3D coverage with textured buildings and 3D city scenario to give user the fantastic visual experience when navigating from A to B.
    These enhancements will be announced at the same time for PNAVs, as well as for Symbian mobile phones. By the end of the year 2007, Sygic will announce its Linux GPS navigation software.


    Start-up in 2 seconds Map refresh rate up to 20 fps Fast route computing across detailed map of Europe Real-time landscape/portrait mode Real-time language switching Real-time night/day colours switching Automatic night colours on sunset

    Destination entry

    Enter address by fast filter from city - street list Select from favourite destinations Select from recent destinations Navigate to nearby POI Navigate to ZIP code Navigate to predefined Home position Select point from map Manually enter GPS position (longitude, latitude) Navigate to centre of the city Navigate to POI in the city Navigate to last valid position

    Advanced navigation

    Interpolation of GPS signal - smooth movement of position Simulation in tunnels Next street name displayed intuitively in the map Arrow showing direction to finish Speaks road numbers (e.g. "Go along the route E75") and exit numbers (e.g. "Take the exit 16B")

    POI management

    Warnings when approaching selected POI Warnings when approaching selected POI on route "look at POI" Import POI categories Export favourites Create new POI categories and add own POIs

    Life-saving features

    Warnings before railway crossings Notifications about exceeding the maximum speed limit No operations necessary during driving


    World clock - actual analogue time in 3 cities Autodetection of GPS module settings

    Route computing and adjustments

    Computing options: fastest, without motorways, walking routes, bicycle routes, route with limited speed Compute alternative route Avoid roadblock Travel via waypoint

    Route preview

    Show list of route instructions Show directions on the map as images (2D or 3D) Advanced route summary - in detailed view showing information about waypoints, and about types of roads for each section Show route demonstration Show route on map

    Complex map browsing

    Navigate to selected position Travel via selected position Continue to selected position Avoid area around selected position Add selected position to list of POIs Find POI nearby selected position

    Map coverage

    Latest TeleAtlas data 2007.4 Also available: Detailed maps of Greece from Creative Image Also available: Maps of Turkey from Navturk, AND and TeleAtlas Also available: map of Israel from Mapa

    Multilanguage support
    UI available in 18 languages Complete customisation for Hebrew (rtl Right-to-left) and Turkish and Russian languages Switch languages in real time
  • Bin zwar über nicht direkt über Freesoft auf die Navisoftware gestoßen - aber trotzdem danke für den Link über dein Board - die Software funktioniert auch für das Nokia e90!
    Besonders gut gefällt mir auch die Wahl des Fußgängermodus für die Routenberechnung!

    Danke für deine Arbeit!
  • Hallo,

    hab den link garnicht gebraucht, esel sei dank!

    Trotzdem: many thx for the fast reply!

    noch als info, nach ein paar Fehlversuchen läuft jetzt
    das Sygic auf meinem Nokia 6120 Classic, mit ext. bluetooth mouse.

    Falls jemand Hilfe braucht, einfach PN schicken.