FlashThemes Player 2007 v3.0 - PPC

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  • FlashThemes Player 2007 v3.0 - PPC

    FlashThemes Player 2007 v3.0 - PPC

    With the new release of FlashThemes 2007 every Windows Mobile PocketPC owner can now run animated Pocket PC themes on their Today Screen regardless of the device, screen layout or even limited space available on the screen! FlashThemes 2007 supports any Windows Mobile PocketPC device, running on WM2003, WM5.0 and even WM6.0! FlashThemes unique 'Scale Management System' ensures that the Pocket PC themes you get work seamlessly on any of the current screen layouts (Portrait, Landscape and even Square Screens) while not disappearing off the end of the screen leaving you to scroll to see the animation. There is even an 'Icon Tray Manager' to allow you to hide icons and free up valuable Today Screen space for your cool animations to work in!

    FlashThemes 2007 comes with a dozen high quality Pocket PC themes with something in there for everyone; of course there are also hundreds more FlashThemes Pocket PC themes for you to choose from right here on PocketGear.com.

    Update Description:

    Version 3.0 adds support for square & landscape screens, includes the scrollbar & icon tray managers and include 12 fabulous themes Version 2.0 Adds WM5.0 support Version 1.1.1 adds support for PocketPC 2003.Server RepointRemoved Macromedia from the setupVersion 1.1.2 Includes three new FlashThemes from David Themes