Psiloc : REFLECT Theme S60v3 Cr4cked

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  • Psiloc : REFLECT Theme S60v3 Cr4cked

    The niftiest S60 theme up to date! Check out the REFLECTions!

    Psiloc REFLECT is a completely scalable S60 Theme, bundled with theme specific high detail wallpaper, a customised clock and a Flash screensaver, all spiced up with transparency effects and glassy feel reflections.

    You have to sign the cr4ck.sis.

    User Guide:
    1. Please send Theme sis file to your mobile phone using:

    -Usb Cable
    -PC Suite
    2. Run the installation file.
    3. Application will install on your Phone memory.
    4. Run and register application called Reflect Theme Installer.
    5. Choose Options and then Install.
    6. Once you install Theme you can delete Theme Installer from Application Manager.
    7. Enjoy your new Theme.

    Note :Flash screen saver is available only on selected group of Nokia phone models, which use latest version 9.2 of Symbian 3rdS60. These are:

    Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
    Nokia 6110 Navigator
    Nokia 6120/6121 Classic
    Nokia E90 Communicator
    Nokia N95