Hacking Exposed - 2nd Edition

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  • Hacking Exposed - 2nd Edition

    When a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it certainly makes a sound. But if a computer network has a security vulnerability and no one knows about it, is it insecure? Only the most extreme Berkeleian idealist might argue against the former, but the latter is not nearly so obvious.

    Chapter 01 - Footprinting
    Chapter 02 - Scanning
    Chapter 03 - Enumeration
    Chapter 04 - Hacking Windows 95/98 and ME
    Chapter 05 - Hacking Windows NT
    Chapter 06 - Hacking Windows 2000
    Chapter 07 - Novell NetWare Hacking
    Chapter 08 - Hacking UNIX
    Chapter 09 - Dial-Up, PBX, Voicemail, and VPN Hacking
    Chapter 10 - Network Devices
    Chapter 11 - Firewalls
    Chapter 12 - Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
    Chapter 13 - Remote Control Insecurities
    Chapter 14 - Advanced Techniques
    Chapter 15 - Web Hacking
    Chapter 16 - Hacking the Internet User
    Appendix A - Ports
    Appendix B - Top 14 Security Vulnerabilities
    Appendix C - About the Companion Web Site


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  • Hallo,
    könntest du mir vielleicht die Zugangsdaten geben? Ich interessiere mich für das Thema und würde mich sehr über das Buch freuen.

    PN konnte ich dir leider keine schreiben, da dein Fach seit längerer Zeit schon voll zu sein scheint.