Rotateme v2.0 Final Version

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  • Rotateme v2.0 Final Version

    What is rotateMe ?
    rotateMe is a freeware application for symbian OS 3rd edition devices, which allow you to switch your phone screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

    N95, N95 8gb, N82:

    Auto rotation: when you turn your device, the screen automatically rotates.
    Watch a demo video

    To rotate the screen, keep this application opened and rotate the phone.
    To close rotateMe go to Options -> Exit.

    You can disable auto-rotation by pressing simultaneously Pen and Camera keys.

    o Sensitivity:More sensitivity is set to a high value, more the display will rotate with a minor needing of rotation of the phone.
    o Reactivity: The lower this setting is, the longer you have to keep your phone in landscape/portrait position to rotate the screen.
    o Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch rotateMe automatically at the phone boot.
    o Autorotation switch type:
    - Hotkey: Disable autorotation by pressing simultaneously 'Pen' and 'Camera' keys.
    - By launching: Disable autorotation by launching rotateMe. To launch the app, launch it from menu.
    o Inactivity Delay: After this delay of inactivity, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key, or unlock the keypad, to reactivate auto-rotation.
    o Priority: High priority allows a better reactivity when big apps are launched.
    o System App.: When activated, this setting prevents rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions.
    o Hidden App.: Enable this setting to hide rotateMe from the tasks list.

    Note: If you enable "Hidden App." or "System App." you will not be able to close rotateMe from tasks list.