RealtyView on transonic 6000T

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  • RealtyView on transonic 6000T

    Hi board, im belgian with very little understanding of german, little reading as good as no writing. My english is also not so good but better.
    I downloaded a few files via links from boardmembers but nothing can unlock the item realityview in de "basic settings" menu in german known as "grundeinstellungen". Has someone already get it working or is the 6000T simply a no-realityview pna. My 6000T is bought on ebay in Germany with Mn6.1 and a navigon D-A-CH original card. Now i have Mn 6.5 with a new interface (no arrow anymore but a car as navigationpointer) and card.+ Europe_NT200708.jct Also have the & .jct but still no realityview. Have don all the tricks i readed in messages around here ... no succes. Is there someone out there who have mannaged to do it. If so please a step by step instruction. You may write it in german. I have a dictionary
    Kind regards Jayceexxl
  • Hello

    In English . I hope you understand.

    I have the in the Mn6-Folder and the WesternEurope_NT2008.jct in the Folder Mn6\RealityView\.

    This works. The .map and the .jct - Files must have the same name then you can choose Reality-View in the Settings.

    Hope it will help you and my English is not too bad.

  • yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa

    IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vielen vielen thanks Dietmarr
    I probably will think on you again when i'm on the road towards Spain this summer and have a major highwaypuzzle coming.

    Gracias Gracias Gracias Gracias Gracias Gracias
  • Hmm ich habe auch die 6.5 Turbo RV hier aus dem Board für mein 6000T.
    Ich habe denke ich mal auch das neue Interface in blau aber immer noch Arrows statt ein kleines Auto als Navigationpointer.
    Fehlt mir was um das Auto darzustellen oder wo kann ich das setting finden?

  • Soft on my sd card

    I made a rar file from my 2 giga sd card with all my files on it exept the europ map (1.8 gig) and the europ.jct file becourse most people have them trough this boards fine members and there so big for upload. The file "" you just put in the root
    of the MN6 map. The "WesternEurope_NT2008.jct" you put in
    the MN6/realytiview map and it all should work after a hard and soft restart of your pna 6000T
    If you write me a peronal mail i give you the link (rsuarmy you alredy got one)
    kind regards Jayceexxl