Symbian - Signieren ist wieder teilweise möglich

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    • Symbian - Signieren ist wieder teilweise möglich

      Hallo an alle Symbian Nutzer,

      es hat sich etwas getan. Man kann mit "Open Signed Online"
      Programme (die keine bestimmte UID haben) signieren.
      Vorraussetzung ist ein normaler Symbian Signed Account.

      Open Signed Online (BETA) Service Information

      * Open Signed Online beta service has now moved to 24hour availability.
      * If we discover issues that impact the performance and/or functionality
      of the service. Such problems may result in the service being taken
      off-line at short notice for extended periods.
      * The Open Signed Online process is fully described here.
      * Note that Open Signed Online currently does not allow you
      to sign a SIS that is "owned" by someone else and hasn't been enabled
      for Open Signing; i.e. if a SIS uses a UID from the "Protected Range",
      the email address you use for Open Signed Online MUST match the
      email address of the account which owns/created the UID.
      * If you attempt to sign the same SIS file in rapid succession,
      the service you receive will proportionally slow down. This is to prevent abuse of the service.
      * Installation of the signed SIS file will be restricted to the IMEI (i.e. mobile phone)
      you entered and valid for 36 months.
      * SIS files that have been Open Signed will present a notification
      upon installation that the SIS file is intended for development purposes only.
      * The service will work for SIS files intended for all Symbian-based UIs, i.e. S60 and UIQ.
      * SIS files can be signed for all Platform Security Capabilities except
      CommDD, MultimediaDD, NetworkControl, DiskAdmin, DRM, AllFiles, TCB.

      Und so gehts:

      # Go to the Symbian Signed website and choose Open Signed Online on the front page.
      # Enter the IMEI number of your phone (you can find this by typing *#06# on the phone),
      your email address, and point to the install package you just downloaded.
      # Select the capabilities needed. Either just click Select all, or check the following boxes:
      ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData SWEvent NetworkServices LocalServices ReadUserData
      WriteUserData Location UserEnvironment PowerMgmt
      # Fill out the captcha, review the legal agreement, check the box if you accept it, and press send.
      # Wait for a confirmation mail sent to the email address entered earlier. Visit the URL in the mail
      to confirm that the package should be signed.
      # Wait for another mail telling you that the signing is complete. Visit that URL, and you'll get
      the signed package which you can install on your phone.

      Theoretisch könnte man die UID in den Programmen die man
      signieren will selbst verändern, doch leider blicke ich da nicht
      ganz durch. Wer sich ein bisschen auskennt (und gut Englisch spricht)
      sollte sich mal in ein paar ami Foren durchlesen (es gibt Anleitungen)
      wenn ich den Link finde, poste ich ihn.

      Soviel vorab:

      Nokmote lässt sich nicht signieren (UID)
      RotateMe lässt sich nicht signieren (UID) (laut a1a1, danke )
      FExplorer lässt sich nicht signieren (UID) (laut a1a1, danke )

      Largetime geht
      Flipsilent geht
      RockNscroll geht auch

      Postet hier, wenn ihr weitere Erkenntnisse habt
      Signatur entsprach nicht den Boardregeln -> gelöscht
      MfG xlemmingx