RapidShare CMS Grabber 1.4.8D & Proxy Finder Entreprise 1.95

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  • RapidShare CMS Grabber 1.4.8D & Proxy Finder Entreprise 1.95

    Bypasses download limitations. Download multiple files at once. Download even more than with premium !

    What's new
    - Fixed rapidshare.com grabber
    - Fixed rapidshare.com link checker
    - Vista compatible [Under disabled UAC User Account Control
    - Added huawei tool for renewing IP address for ADSL users


    CMS RS Grabber v1.4.8D

    " like a premium user now ::

    1. Install Proxy Finder Entreprise 1.95
    2. Click on Find
    3. Then right click and copy

    4. Then open cms grabber
    5. Click on tools at the top right, then Proxy Checker!
    6. Click on Import from clipboard
    7. Then check one appropriate box, RS.de/ Rs.com
    8. Press Check...

    9. When checking the proxies has completed, click Copy valid proxies to Clipboard.
    10. Exit proxy checker then go to Step 2 on CMS Grabber click on Edit
    11. Paste ur proxies here.
    12. Save and exit

    wers haben will pm an mich mit RS Grabber