Pocket RAR v3.71 für PPC

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  • Pocket RAR v3.71 für PPC


    Powerful archiver and archive manager.
    RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP files.

    Pocket RAR is able to compress, decompress and delete files in RAR and ZIP archives.
    It does not provide many advanced functions available in WinRAR, for example, archive repair or authenticity verification.
    Such functions were removed to make the executable size smaller and reduce amount of precious Pocket PC memory occupied by the archiver.
    Advanced archive processing can be done on the desktop computer having more memory and faster processor.


    Nette PN an mich mit Betreff "Pocket RAR"


    §-Danke im Thread
    §-Kein danke PN bitte!


    Masterking :hot: