Hacking Windows Vista (ExtremeTech)

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  • Hacking Windows Vista (ExtremeTech)

    Hacking Windows Vista (ExtremeTech)

    Learn how to personalize and improve your Windows Vista experience! With help from this hands-on guide, you'll discover how to customize, speed up, and secure your Windows Vista computer in no time.

    Vista is the most radical revamping of Windows since 1995. However, along with all the fantastic improvements, there are a couple of things that likely drive you up the wall. Don’t worry, though – just join forces with author Steve Sinchak and you’ll end up feeling as though Microsoft designed Vista just for you! He shows you how to tweak logon screen settings, build custom Sidebar gadgets, personalize Aero Glass with themes and visual styles, turn your PC into an HDTV media center, fine-tune your firewall, and more.

    • Tweak logon screen settings
    • Build custom Sidebar gadgets
    • Personalize Aero Glass with themes and visual styles
    • Customize Internet Explorer 7
    • Configure BIOS for maximum boot speed
    • Crank up Windows Explorer
    • Turn your PC into an HDTV Media Center

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