Erste "Erfahrung"

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  • Erste "Erfahrung"

    Hey.. I've got a problem.. It's the first time that i have a girlfriend, that doesn't have any "sexual" experience yet.. means: She never kissed a boy ( !!! ) ...
    Has anybody ever been in this situation? .. How carefull should I be..?

    ..Hope for Help


  • well i don´t know much about that, i mean if you arent able to give her a french kiss i think it´s almost hoples 4 you to get something going, you will have to wait so she would make the first step

    if i a gril is over @ my place and i´m not sure she want´s to have sex with me i just start geting intimit just by kissing and than i´ll notice after a while if she is up to more
    !!!I'm like ketchup - I go good on everything!!!
  • First of all, how old is she?

    You have nothing special to do, just be patient and don't force her to do things she does not want to do yet.
    she'll show you when she is ready for the next "level"...
  • hi, at first i got to say...relax the perfect moment will come from time to time.wenn you are alone with her look deep in her eyes and then you should get your kiss :)