Problem with iGO 8 and bluetooth

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  • Problem with iGO 8 and bluetooth

    I have problems with bluetooth and iGO 8

    iGO 8 does not see the bluetooth on my Dell AXIM X3 PDA.
    Exept bluetooth iGO 8 is working normal.

    I have also TomTom 6 and GPSgate 2.6 installed.

    Can somebody help me?
  • I have the bluetooth GPS connected to the PDA in the "Bluetooth Manager"
    Then I started iGO 8.
    No bluetooth knob / menu!
    I setup the GPS port and activated it.
    Still no BT menu!

    What I hoped was that iGO 8 started the bluetooth session.
    Now I must activate bluetooth by hand!

    I think the Dell AXIM X3i is not supported by iGO 8