Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro Retail for MAC englisch

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  • Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro Retail for MAC englisch

    Animate your ideas. Adobe After Effects 7.0 software helps you create
    compelling motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with efficiency,
    precision, and infinite variety. Take advantage of unmatched integration with
    other Adobe software, flexible 2-D and 3-D compositing, and hundreds of
    effects and Animation Presets to bring a new dimension to your film, video,
    DVD, and Macromedia Flash productions.

    Production excellence

    Superior output and extensive file format support
    Produce professional output for film, video, DVD, and the Web in virtually
    every output format imaginable with the Render Queue. Simultaneously
    perform multiple renderings of a composition to different formats, and batch
    render files for greater efficiency.

    Powerful masking tools
    Easily design, edit, and work with masks using flexible auto-tracing options and
    RotoBezier masks.

    Graph Editor
    Create precise animations with the new Graph Editor, which offers complete
    visual control over keyframe editing and easy synchronization of animated
    properties across layers.

    Professional color correction
    Adjust the color of footage and other layer elements using color-correction
    tools similar to those in Adobe Photoshop software, as well as Color Finesse for
    high-end corrections.

    Highest quality keying and matte tools
    Key bluescreen and greenscreen mattes that rival those created in any other
    toolset with the Academy Award-winning Keylight (Professional edition only)
    and a host of supporting tools.

    Intelligent workflow

    Unmatched Adobe integration
    Experience an efficient Adobe workflow: Import Adobe Photoshop and
    Illustrator files with attributes preserved, and, in Windows, import Adobe
    Premiere Pro projects, add motion to static Adobe Encore DVD software
    menus, export After Effects projects as Adobe Premiere Pro projects, and

    Optimal performance
    Preview and render compositions in real time with accelerated OpenGL support
    as well as intelligent RAM previewing and disk caching.

    Redesigned, unified user interface
    Work within an elegantly redesigned interface featuring workspace panels that
    dock and group for optimal organization, eliminating overlapping windows.
    Save custom workspaces, control UI brightness, and more.

    Adobe Bridge
    Simplify the everyday tasks of asset management with Adobe Bridge, which
    offers powerful ways to browse and search digital assets, preview and apply
    presets, work with metadata, manage files, and run batch processes.

    New Features:
    Adobe After Effects 7.0 software is loaded with improvements designed to help
    you create outstanding, original work. A redesigned UI and a new Graph Editor
    help streamline your workflow, new presets and effects enhance your
    creativity, and 32-bit float High Dynamic Range (HDR) color support
    (Professional Edition only) helps you achieve greater precision. to me ADOBE after effects| nick
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