humi muckt

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  • also denke mal bin hier an richtiger stelle :D

    mein humi muckt auf einmal.

    und zwar sagt der mir halbzeit

    NVRAM/Filter error

    wtf is das?

    wenn ich mal lautstärke drück isset weg :D

    aber manchmal kann ich dann n paar progs ned anschauen

    es handelt sich um n humi f1-vaci

    so long easy_
  • Schon mal mit Softwareupdate versucht?? Dann ist es meistens raus..

    Hab da noch was gefunden..

    FreeCAM2 - 019:
    Added support for TPScrypt. Disabled printing of error messages like "NVRAM/FILTER ERROR", but the problem still exists - see the Bugs section below. Added multiple EMM support. Now it is possible to receive EMMs for two different CA_System_IDs simultaneous. The two CA_System_IDs are: the one from the card and the default Irdeto1 ID - 0602.


    FreeCAM fucks up, if CA_PMT is greater than 192 Bytes. It displays stupid NVRAM error messages, if it is greater than 128 bytes. This bug is part of the original Irdeto soft. We'll try to overcome this in a later release.

    So called Z-Cards are not supported. -> However, they are not needed. Instead of using a Z-Card, set EMU to ON. FreeCAM2 does not depend on Dealer-Keys.