How to improve your english the best...

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  • How to improve your english the best...

    Heey buddies!
    How do you use to improve your english, when youre not that lucky and can go for a trip on USA or UK?
    ive started watching movies in english, and tried to read books in english!
    Watching movies in this way is quite useful, but reading books is just annoying, i mean looking up so many words in the dictionary is more annoying than it is rather in watching films!

    so tell me what are your habits?

    best regards frake
  • Yes your right. Watching movies in English is quite useful to improve your English. If your English is not so good that you understand the total speech so you shoud do it with english subtitles. So you read English, hear English and understand the most of the story.
  • I think, if you watch an English Film that's very good for your English, and if you watch it with English Audio and German subtitle (still if you don't know any English words and you never learned English).
    There is no better method.
    If you know a movie so good in german, than watch it one more time in English.
    greetings mclaren
    / \
  • frake schrieb:

    Heey buddies!

    Watching movies in this way is quite useful, but reading books is just annoying, i mean looking up so many words in the dictionary is more annoying than it is rather in watching films!

    so tell me what are your habits?

    best regards frake

    Im reading english books too but i dont take verybig books ;)
    Im reading the Alex Rider serie from Anthony Horowitz and i hardly undertand every word :D
  • i even prefer watching the movies with english speech and if it´s too hard i use the german subtitles. watched ali g. less a hundred times. perfect to get some slang. but behave: don´t adept too much from him ;)
  • frake, it all depends on your level of English and what your mother tongue is. If your native language is French, Italian or Spanish, you can read newspapers because their formal written English will have a lot of Latin-inspired words that you'll understand.

    TV and Movies probably is the best way. America arguably produces the best TV and Films (with a lot of crap as well of course) and really want to learn how to speak the language before reading and writing it anyway. I've spoken (i'm English btw) to loads of foreigners who have studied English at University and still can't hold a proper conversation, but might know a lot of the grammar.

    Btw English people don't learn English grammar at school which is why many of them wouldn't know what you're talking about if you asked about pronouns and prepositions.
  • Never look up al the words u don't understand when reading a book.
    That's exhausting and will make you hate the whole thing.
    I recommend a daily dose of englsh speaking websites when you're a computer junkie. I started visiting english speaking sites since I was like 11 or 12 and it helped me SO much! I found friends from all over the world and even met up with the cutest one. She's become one of my bestest friends ever even though we can't really meet that often since she's british.
    But we're always talkin on msn, on the phone or via txt messages.
    And as you see, my english's nearly perfect, as practice makes perfect ;)
    So I prefer the whole learning by doing.
    But there's one last thing to add: It gets harder the older you get. My auntie tried learning english for like 3 or 4 years now and she totally fails everytime she's trying to take the tests cuz it's been many years since she last spoke english, which was in school.
    So the older you get the more time you have to spend with the issue to become a perfect writer and speaker.
    If anyone of you heard me reading this out loud you'd probably think I was a real southern soul. From maybe Florida or Louisiana ;)
  • I also started watching movies in english a few years ago.
    You can also read english websites or start reading books.

    Don't look up for all the words you don't understand. Only if it really interest you.
    I guess when you do that for several years you might be able to understand english.
    Speaking english is a different problem.
    you can only learn it by speaking it. So try to get in contact witch some native english speakers and start speaking.

    USA !!! USA !!! USA !!!
  • The best method is still visiting an english speaking country but if you do not have the possibility to do that, it is important to hear many english speaking, e.g. in movies. Books are important to make you familiar with the orthography. And if you don't understand one sentence, just continue.

    But don't forget that also speaking is important, specially the pronouncement!

  • Well, I use to watch TV series ('Friends', 'Dexter' and 'Heroes') in english.
    Additionaly,. I got a subscription of the weekly magazine 'Newsweek' and read some websites written on english.

    I'm doing this for some months now and really think that I improved my ability to express myself in english.

    For the next year I'm planning a short trip to NY.
  • Spending one year abroad definitely improves you English the most. I was never very good in English until I came back from my year in the United States. I've had straight A's in English ever since :)
    For keeping you English "up-to-date", it is good to watch TV series or movies in English (they are better in English than in German anyway :)) and what might also help is listening to American music (or British).

    But for the ultimate "boost", the year abroad is the thing you should go for :)
  • I have to agree to the others who said that you can do an exchange year.

    So why it is good?

    In another country where you JUST can speak english to communicate you are forced to use this language. If you do not know a word you can not say it in German. You have to try to describe this word.
    And there is anoter nice side-effect. You get independent because in that country you have to do a lot of things alone. Of course there are persons which help you but e.g. you must do your clothes and help in the household.
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Hoffnung und Freude sind die besten Ärzte.[/FONT]
    Wilhelm Raabe
  • hello

    To improve your english by watching TV and reading books is fine , but there is one point missing: speaking. I know people whose english is very good but they can
    not talk . One possibility is to buy a cd or dvd and practice talking by help of a computer programm via headset , microphone. Another possibility is to find someone
    from an english chat room and talk to that person via skype etc . And a third possibility is : if you can't go to another country let them come to you,i mean i don't know
    where you are living but if you have the chance go to touristik places near to your home (for example like Hofbräuhaus or Octoberfest in Münich ) , a place where many
    strangers are and try to get in touch with them by maybe having a drink together ....that's fun and helps to improve english.


    it's always nice making new friends