how to add subtitles in a movie

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  • how to add subtitles in a movie

    hey outthere.

    I've got 2 questions:

    1. my dad has got his birthday next week and many friends recorded greetings on movies. now I want to add them together to one single movie. but there are several types (QuickTime, Divx, MPEG)
    how to join them to one movie ? does anyone know a good program ?

    2. some of this movies do have a bad sound. i want to add subtitles. is that possible ?

    thxalot for help
  • Hi,

    first of all: this is the wrong subforum. This would be the right:

    Sound- und Videobearbeitung - Freesoft-Board


    1. One method is to convert all videos into the same format. But I think it is easier to import all videos to Windows Movie Maker. There you can join them to one movie.

    2. There are also several methods to create subtitles. In this tutorial of me (in german ;) )it is described how to make professional subtitles. But you can also create subs with Windows Movie Maker. (and it is much easier)

  • hey shadow.

    thxalot for your help !

    I converted all Quicktime movies with TMPGEnc to MPEG and added them with WindowsMovieMaker.

    I used WMM also for the subtitles. its not perfect cause the words are in the middle of the movie and not below but its ok.

    many greets

  • Hi heinzberz,

    first you have to click on the 'Ändern' (Edit) Button. Then click on 'Erweitert' (Advanced). There you can change the Prefix. There is a "tutorial" from Crackspider how to change the prefix. You can find in my signature. ("Wie stelle ich das Präfix um?" ; it is german, but there are also pictures)