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    Für die Opera Nutzer unter uns...

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    The [User Prefs] History Navigation Mode setting can be set to
    1 (sets automatic mode)
    2 (sets compatible mode)
    3 (sets fast mode).

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    Source Code

    1. "opera:blank" - Displays blank page.
    2. "about:blank" - Same as above.
    3. "opera:about" - Displays browser and configured path information.
    4. "about:opera" - Same as above.
    5. "opera:cache" - Displays cache content.
    6. "opera:config" - For Opera 9.0 and newer only. Displays a configuration page allowing access to many configuration options not available through the preferences window.
    7. "opera:drives" - Displays local drives of your system.
    8. "opera:history" - Displays browser history.
    9. "opera:plugins" - Displays installed browser plugins.
    10. "opera:button" - Allows definition of a custom button for opera commands.
    11. "opera:help" - Help directory shortcut.
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