Medion 470 - Navteq q3 2008

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  • Medion 470 - Navteq q3 2008

    I have a Medion 470 and try to get new maps, I Thought I could use Navigon Q 3 2008 downloaded here. But I get only a big .map file when the .rar files are unpacked. How can I get to the .psf file I need ? - Or maybe I can not use this maps on my 470 ?
    Ill be very happy if someone can tell me what to do.

  • First of all, you need MN6.5 Version on your Medion 470.
    At Older Versions (6, 6.1) the Map don´t work.

    You must download all Parts of the Map - then you must unpack only Part 1.
    The other Parts will be unpacked too.

    And then you have your New Map - an then copy the Map in the Root of your SD Card.

    (Sorry for my very bad english :rolleyes: )
  • Thankyou PDA-Freak, I belive your english is exelent ! ( But Im not english either ).
    So- if I install MN6,5 on my 470, I can unpack the map there ?
    When unraring I got 1 very big map file, 1,7 gig, and dont know how to unpack it. Is there anywhere here in forum that can tell me the way to do this step by step ?
    Thanks for your kind help. Regards Lotto