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  • explanation

    Hi, I'm new user I don't understand german and use web translator to english but i don't understant if this board is only a forum or also a database software warez ;many users thank for the link download but i don't see it.:confused:
  • even with google translator you can get a clue of what's going on

    for example: freesoft-board.to/f32/quicktime-pro-7-5-8-a-332979.html
    Upgrade to QuickTime 7 Pro

    As the perfect companion for your Windows PC, QuickTime 7 Pro transforms your video into a consumer video producers. Use the entire functional range of QuickTime 7 Pro for all kinds of tasks - from creating podcasts to encode media in more than a dozen formats.

    QuickTime Pro
    Five Reasons to Go Pro

    1st Creating mature videos with the first-class H.264 codec
    2nd Recording audio content for the production of its own podcasts
    3rd Create movies for iPod
    4th New controls in full screen mode
    5th Convert media in more than dozen formats


    1st Questions should each be
    2nd PN nice with QuickTime 7 Pro / Nickname "
    3rd Thread link must be included in the PN there is nothing else
    4th Other inquiries and not only in the thread by PN
    5th Thank you in the thread is mandatory otherwise Blacklist
    6th Link and PW may not be forwarded

    After reading this I think you know what to do^^


    For further questions we have an english sub-forum too: English Subforum - Freesoft-Board

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  • this is only a forum, here you can NOT get ANY warez or somethin illegal, if you see something illegal (german law !!) please instant post it to an administator so he can delete the illegal stuff !

    greeting ;p
  • you must write a private message to a user who offer a software and than when you get a answere you also get the link for the download and than you must say thank you in the thread
    xnuıl feel free
    ǝlddɐ feel different
    sʍopuıʍ feel bad
  • This board is 100% legal and does NOT host ANY kind of illegal data.

    And yes Dual Core, in the German area you have to have at least 100 posts to see the entire board! Suggestions to change that rule have broadly been rejected!

    Either you accept that or you should think about a different board!

    * CLOSED *