The iPhone Developer's Cookbook by Erica Sadun

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  • The iPhone Developer's Cookbook by Erica Sadun

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    The iPhone Developer's Cookbook by Erica Sadun

    Product Description

    “This book would be a bargain at ten times its price! If you are writing iPhone software, it will save you weeks of development time. Erica has included dozens of crisp and clear examples illustrating essential iPhone development techniques and many others that show special effects going way beyond Apple’s official documentation.”

    —Tim Burks, iPhone Software Developer, TootSweet Software

    “Erica Sadun’s technical expertise lives up to the Addison-Wesley name. The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook is a comprehensive walkthrough of iPhone development that will help anyone out, from beginners to more experienced developers. Code samples and screenshots help punctuate the numerous tips and tricks in this book.”

    —Jacqui Cheng, Associate Editor, Ars Technica

    “We make our living writing this stuff and yet I am humbled by Erica’s command of her subject matter and the way she presents the material: pleasantly informal, then very appropriately detailed technically. This is a going to be the Petzold book for iPhone developers.”

    —Daniel Pasco, Lead Developer and CEO, Black Pixel Luminance

    “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK should be the first resource for the beginning iPhone programmer, and is the best supplemental material to Apple’s own documentation.”

    —Alex C. Schaefer, Lead Programmer, ApolloIM, iPhone Application Development Specialist, MeLLmo, Inc

    “Erica’s book is a truly great resource for Cocoa Touch developers. This book goes far beyond the documentation on Apple’s Web site, and she includes methods that give the developer a deeper understanding of the iPhone OS, by letting them glimpse at what’s going on behind the scenes on this incredible mobile platform.”

    —John Zorko, Sr. Software Engineer, Mobile Devices

    The iPhone and iPod touch aren’t just attracting millions of new users; their breakthrough development platform enables programmers to build tomorrow’s killer applications. If you’re getting started with iPhone programming, this book brings together tested, ready-to-use code for hundreds of the challenges you’re most likely to encounter. Use this fully documented, easy-to-customize code to get productive fast—and focus your time on the specifics of your application, not boilerplate tasks.

    Leading iPhone developer Erica Sadun begins by exploring the iPhone delivery platform and SDK, helping you set up your development environment, and showing how iPhone applications are constructed. Next, she offers single-task recipes for the full spectrum of iPhone/iPod touch programming jobs:

    * Utilize views and tables
    * Organize interface elements
    * Alert and respond to users
    * Access the Address Book (people), Core Location (places), and Sensors (things)
    * Connect to the Internet and Web services
    * Display media content
    * Create secure Keychain entries
    * And much more

    You’ll even discover how to use Cover Flow to create gorgeous visual selection experiences that put scrolling lists to shame!

    This book is organized for fast access: related tasks are grouped together, and you can jump directly to the right solution, even if you don’t know which class or framework to use. All code is based on Apple’s publicly released iPhone SDK, not a beta. No matter what iPhone projects come your way, The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook will be your indispensable companion.

    Preface xvii

    Acknowledgments xxi
    About the Author xxii

    1 Introducing the iPhone SDK 1

    Apple’s iPhone SDK 1
    Assembling iPhone Projects 2
    iPhone Application Components 4
    Application Folder Hierarchy 4
    The Executable 4
    The Info.plist File 4
    The Icon and Default Images 6
    XIB (NIB) files 6
    Files Not Found in the Application Bundle 7
    Sandboxes 7
    Platform Limitations 8
    Storage Limits 8
    Data Access Limits 8
    Memory Limits 8
    Interaction Limits 9
    Energy Limits 9
    Application Limits 9
    User Behavior Limits 10
    SDK Limitations 10
    Programming Paradigms 11
    Object-Oriented Programming 11
    Model-View-Controller 11
    Building an iPhone Application Skeleton 18
    The Hello World Application 19
    The Classes 19
    The Code 20
    A Note About Sample Code and Memory Management 20
    Building Hello World 23
    Create an iPhone Project 23
    Running the Skeleton 24
    Customize the iPhone Project 24
    Editing Identification Information 25
    Using the Debugger 26
    Apple’s iPhone Developer Program 28
    Development Phones 28
    Application Identifiers 29
    From Xcode to Your iPhone: The Organizer Interface 30
    Projects and Sources List 30
    Devices List 31
    Summary Tab 31
    Console Tab 31
    Crash Logs Tab 31
    Screenshot Tab 32
    About Tethering 32
    Testing Applications on Your iPhone 32
    Compiling for Distribution 33
    Using Undocumented API Calls 34
    Ad Hoc Distribution 35
    Summary 36
    2 Views 37
    UIView and UIWindow 37
    Hierarchy 37
    Geometry and Traits 39
    Gestures 42
    Recipe: Adding Stepwise Subviews 42
    Reorienting 44
    Recipe: Dragging Views 45
    UITouch 46
    Adding Persistence 48
    Recipe: Clipped Views 51

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    Product Details

    * Paperback: 384 pages
    * Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition (October 25, 2008)
    * Language: English
    * ISBN-10: 0321555457
    * ISBN-13: 978-0321555458

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