Make Her Chase You

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  • Make Her Chase You

    Make Her Chase You: Your guide to creating a Magnetic Personality
    By Tynan

    A small information on the Author Tynan: He’s a real OG of the pickuper’s community. He lived in Project Hollywood with some of the biggest names in the community including Mystery, Style (Neil Strauss) and Tyler. He was featured in the bestseller book “The Game”, where his name in the book was “Herbal”. He now resides in Austin, Texas. Since “The game”, Tynan has been laying pretty low until the recent release of his book “Make Her Chase You”. In an interview Tynan said that he really wanted his book to be set apart from the rest of the books out there and he certainly succeeds in that.

    Having read many other pickup related books we was pleasantly surprised to find that Make Her Chase You reads more like a story than a “tactical manual”. That alone makes the book very enjoyable and not as simple as some other books. In the beginning he goes into the ethics of pickup as he sees it and then into great detail describing who he is and how he got involved in the pickup community. Tynan even goes into detail of what it was like living in Project Hollywood and tells us some insane stories!

    The guts of the book, which is mainly pickup theory and tactics, in Make Her Chase You are very good written. He spends just about the right amount of time describing things such as openers and routines so that if you already know about these things you won’t get bored but yet if you’re a beginner you won’t’ be totally lost.

    Tynan’s section on Storytelling is simply AWESOME! Not much books focus on story telling like Make Her Chase You does. He gives some great examples of nice storytelling vs bad storytelling and some great tips on how to improve your own stories.
    The other favorite section was how to escape so-called “the friend zone”. Most gurus will tell you that once you’re in this dreaded zone you should just move on. Well not Tynan, he’s here to help! If you’re looking to become more than friends with that certain someone then it’s well worth picking up this book for that section alone!

    Overall the book covers everything you’ll need to know from opening, to getting phone #’s, to starting a relationship. However, what really sets this book apart is that Tynan puts his own spin on pickup and relationships and he gives real examples from his own life that really bring all his concepts and ideas to life.

    It’s a very nice how the book ends. Tynan gives away a field report that was never published anywhere else and it really ties all his ideas and concepts together and you can see how everything works together. He also gives us two very detailed routines that you can run, one being a story that Style had found and adapted for pickup, and the other being The Cube.

    All and all this was a great read and we would highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their game or just read a great book! Also here the bonus you get when you download Make Her Chase You is fantastic! It’s a pickup Tynan did of two college girls that he recorded where he narrates as it goes along so that you know exactly what and why he’s doing what he’s doing.