tony hawk underground

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  • tony hawk underground

    hat einer eine ahnung wann endlich tony hawk underground für den pc raus kommt?
    für die paly station gibt es ja schon.
    kann es kaum noch erwarten.
    Bye reell
  • also ich hab zwar auch gehört, dass es für den PC erscheinen soll aber Planet Tony Hawk sagt folgendes:

    Will THUG be coming out on the PC?

    At the current moment, no PC port has been announced. So officially the answer to this question is, "We Don't Know."
    The past few games have had PC ports which were announced much later. THPS 4 for instance came out on all the major platforms in October of 2002, but the PC version didn't come out until the summer of 2003. A PC version may be announced at a later date, but until then, we simply don't know when or if it will be released.