What do you think about the new president Obama?

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  • What do you think about the new president Obama?

    Well, as you all know, Obama achieved victory.
    "Change has come to us", he said.
    What do you think. Is it only a symbolic phrase or do you think USA will manage to do a great deal.
    It is a progress for USA that an African-American was elected for the first time for president.
    Apart from this really spectacular event Obama will have to find resolutions for many problems. I doubt that he can.
    Nobody can. The problems are too deep and complicated.
    But I wish him a nice time and especially a healthy! time.

    As well what problems shall he solve first or what problems do you think are special?
  • I would say that the slogan of his presidency campaign is some kind of symbolic! but hey, most of famous people especially politicians use such phrases to point that this is what they stand for!
    Obama = change and hope
    just take a look at history. what about martin luther king?
    remember his speech "i have a dream". it's exactly the same!

    i think obama will be a great president. maybe he won't get ALL things better, but it's a chance. there's so much to do, but with he encouragement of his party, he can make so much getting better!
    and i hope obama will help america to get the american dream back.
    he's gonna speak for his nation. hopefully he's gonna bring back the militaries from iraq soon. but i suppose that this won't be as good as it seems, because then it will be the germans who have to deploy more forces to the iraq.
  • In my opinion his aims seem to be nice but i do not know if he could do what he wants to do but I think he is good.

    But he is a politcian and you do not know if they do what they said.

    I think the future will answer this question.^^
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Hoffnung und Freude sind die besten Ärzte.[/FONT]
    Wilhelm Raabe
  • From my point of view Barak Obama' s first big aim is to rebuild the trust in and the image of the U.S.A. He has to get back this trust because in other case America will loose its No1 word state status and its global power.Therefore Obama plays his role as a goodlooking trustful and smiling entertainer. For this aim the politik of Bush will be continued , but in a more sympathetic dress.There is no other choice 4 obama.
    The aims and problems of America and its strategical and political way to solve these problems and to reach these aims is described in the book of Zbigniew Brzezinski : The grand chessboard (the title of this book in german is : Die einzige Weltmacht ) . It explains the role of Amerika , Europe and Asia in the game of the political future of this earth. (Brzezinski is Obama's consultant for foreign affairs )

  • I think Obama will do a great job although Bush left him much work.Bush was just interested in war,oil&money.It was high time for a change and i think that he will also bring white&black people more together.They're seeing that they are all the same and that they have not to fight just fot their own country.America is a worldpower and have to start showing it,but not by fighting.Obama is the right man for it :) Abba
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