mySAP ERP 2006 oder neuer Schulungsunterlagen

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  • mySAP ERP 2006 oder neuer Schulungsunterlagen


    ich suche DRINGEND folgende SAP-Schulungsunterlagen als PDF:

    ECC6.0 AC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting
    ECC6.0 AC050 Business Processes in Financial & Management Accounting
    ECC6.0 AC200 Accounting Customizing I
    ECC6.0 AC201 Payment and Dunning Program
    ECC6.0 AC202 Accounting Customizing II
    ECC6.0 AC205 Individual Account Closing
    ECC6.0 AC206 Parallel Valuation & Financial Reporting in the SAP System
    ECC6.0 AC210 New General Ledger (in mySAP ERP)
    ECC6.0 AC220 Special Ledger
    ECC6.0 AC270 Travel Management: Planning & Expenses
    ECC6.0 AC280 Analytics & Reporting in Financial Accounting
    ECC6.0 AC290 Real Estate Management
    ECC6.0 AC295 Flexible Real Estate Management
    ECC6.0 AC305 Asset Accounting
    ECC6.0 AC660 EC-CS: Consolidations Functions
    ECC6.0 AC665 EC-CS: Integration
    ECC6.0 AC805 Cash Management
    ECC6.0 FIN900 Auditing with SAP
    ECC6.0 AC040 Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling)
    ECC6.0 AC405 Cost Center & Internal Order Accounting
    ECC6.0 AC412 Cost Center Accounting: Extended Functions
    ECC6.0 AC420 Template Allocation Procedure for Processes
    ECC6.0 AC505 Product Cost Planning
    ECC6.0 AC520 Cost Object Controlling Make-to-Stock & Order Related Product
    ECC6.0 AC530 Actual Costing / Material Ledger
    ECC6.0 AC605 Profitability Analysis
    ECC6.0 AC610 Profit Center Accounting
    ECC6.0 AC650 Transfer Prices
    ECC6.0 AC020 Processes in Investment Management
    ECC6.0 AC350 System Configuration for Investment Management

    Falls jemand helfen kann, freue ich mich sehr über eine PN!