Obama will be the first black president - do you think this means change?

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  • Obama will be the first black president - do you think this means change?


    Obama will be the first African-American president.
    He will be one of the most important people in the world.
    Do you think people will change the attitude about black people because of him?
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  • I don't think there will be a big change, but for a bit better attitude, i'm sure there will always be a possibility
    i've never heard talking bout fighting the raccistism in his speech..
    well, lets just see if he can do as the voices of america will
  • I think Obama will not bring all the change he promised but for me, that is not even that important. What is important is, that he gave hope to the people. Hope to a better America, hope to find a way out of the financial crisis, hope to see their relatives fighting in Iraq, hope to get better health care. Even though he will not accomplish all of his goals, he will certainly achieve some of them and that is, what he will be known for.
    He might not turn out to be the best president that country has ever seen, but he will certainly be better than Bush!
  • in my opinion this election was a very historical election. the american citizen voted a black man for their president into the white house, the most important building for the US!
    altough fifty years ago the blacks fought for their rights and their acceptance in the society. nobody could knew that a black man would represent the most-important nation in the world.
    perhaps obama who got colored skin (he is from hawaii and kenia, isnt he?) leads more peacefuller as bush did. after the dramatic beginning of the 21th century (terrorism, war in iraqi) and the current financial crisis he can prove that black people are also able to manage the government.
    i agree to the idea of "change", its implies a change to a modern 21th century, when all people are finally accepted equal to their race, color, religion or gender.

    mfg mrjonnyjonnie
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  • Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961, making him 47 years old at the time. He is the son of Ann Dunham, born in Kansas, and Barack Obama, Sr., born in Kenya.

    I am not sure whether you are implying that Obama's skin color has anything to do with his way of thinking or his way of planing to lead the country, but I think that it is wrong and racist in itself. Any man, no matter what color of skin, can lead a country as peaceful as he pleases. It is just the person "Barack Obama", that chose to end the war in Iraq and bring peace to the world, not the general intention of blacks (I think).

    Calling the past years a "dramatic beginning of the 21st century" can clearly be traced back to Bush. He was the one who started the Iraq War, he kept chasing imaginary terrorists (of course, terrorism has to be fought, but not the way Bush did), and many Americans even think that he started the financial crisis (Poll: Bush responsible for econ crisis).

    Moreover, I do not think that black people should have to prove, that they are just as good in leading the United States as white people. That question was answered many years ago with the end of the Civil Right Movement.

    That some people (mostly in the United States itself) still see a threat in the Afro-American people is extremely disturbing. While following the campaigns of Obama and McCain very closely, I watched more and more videos of McCain supporters threating to kill Obama or similar, absolutley not accepting a black president and saying blacks invaded the country to wipe out the white race.

    And there I thought the Civil Rights Movement was successful. Apparently, there are still a lot of very stupid people on this earth.
  • I thing the election of Obama as first afro - american president started a new discussion about black people and racism wordwide but specially inside the USA.
    Racism in the USA is a very old problem of the unites states , specially of the southern states , and yes it still is , specially in the area around New Orleans.
    So i hope in the future racism will be less , and i mean everywhere in the world but especially in usa. In Alabama it most probably will take longer but for example in
    California its no that bad , N.Y. still has its own problems with black people. I am very hopeful that Obama can be helpful in solving this problem, even there always will be some fanatics , unfortunately.
    Maybe in the future the "White house" in Washington can be the " Blackhouse" ...... ;) Yes it can. :)