Do you like winter?

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  • Do you like winter?

    As the topic states, my question is, whether you are a fan of this cold time of the year or prefer those warm summer nights.

    I have to say that I am much more of a summer person. The first time the windows of my car froze this year and I had to dig out my winter jacket, I realized how much I hated the winter. :D
    When you are inside, where it is nice and warm, and just look at all the beautiful white trees (only if it snows, of course ;)), you might assume, that the winter is totally cool (in terms of good, not of literally cool :D), but when you have to go to school or work in the morning and realize how cold it really is outside, I would much rather sit on Majorca and sip at some sangria with nice girls around me :)
    Well, you can't have it all, right? :P

    So now tell me your opinion :)

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  • From my point of view I like warm temperature but in winter you can do winter activities which you can not do in summer (e.g. doing something with snow).

    In winter I like the christmas time very much.

    But in summer you can do sports at 20pm but in winter it is already dark.

    So I would say summer is better but the winter has got some good aspects, too. :D
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    Wilhelm Raabe
  • That might be true :D

    Most people only care about all the gifts, food, and school breaks or off-days at work. At least that's the case in Germany.

    In America I think it is a little different. A lot more people are very religious and pretty much EVERYBODY goes to church on Christmas Eve and the following two.
  • Yes Jusher you're right.
    In America most people know why they are celebrating Christmas.

    But in GErmany the main thing at Christmas are the presents and they often think that we celebrate Christmas for give others presents.
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Hoffnung und Freude sind die besten Ärzte.[/FONT]
    Wilhelm Raabe
  • Hehe, true, Hawaii would be a really nice place to be right now :D
    But since we're here in the cooold Germany, we will just have to live with it and get past all the cold days. Speaking of not linking winter, I just got sick, which makes me hate it even more.

    So long
  • The topic should be "Do you like winter?" ;)

    I like winter if it snows, because I really like snow. Also I like is coldness and darkness, but only if I don't have to leave the house. These are the positve aspects of winter. But unfortunately today there is not much snow laying. :(

  • Thanks for the hint with the topic :D

    Yeah, true.. when you have an all-white winter, it is pretty awesome :)
    But snow also means cold, which is one thing I don't like about the winter :D

    I still hope that we will see some snow on Christmas Eve, that's just the way Christmas should be :D
  • I'm a fan of the winter-time. First I love to ski which is just possible when there's enough snow :D
    And second I think it's very canny when it's cold outside and you've got your warm heated house or flat :P

  • I am neraly the same opinion like xlemmingx winter time is sometimes a great time because of skiing and the good food. Yes the gift's and the school-break is good to but not the most important reason for me.

  • i think winter is beautiful, but summer is better. :D

    i don't like winter when i have to go out. but if i can just stay indoors and cozy up by the fireplace, then it is okay.

    AND i do not like that there is ice on my car every morning and I have scrape it off. :mad:

    but i really like the white grounds if all is full of snow! ...just beautiful
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  • kewl schrieb:

    AND i do not like that there is ice on my car every morning and I have scrape it off.

    Sooo true :D That's the most annoying thing about winter in my opinion. I didn't even think of that yet :D And, of course, sitting in the car, waiting for the heating to kick in :)
    However, I solved the problem with ice scraping by covering my car with a tarpaulin :D Only problem left is the cold inside :)

    I hope this will all be over soon, and I will be able to enjoy my convertible soft top again :D
  • I wasn't here in Germany the last days but when I came it was very beautiful. From the window of the airplane, I could see an all white Frankfurt. (yes, I landed in Frankfurt, but I'm not living there :D) But then going out of the plane it was terrible cold, I did not expect that.

    Jusher schrieb:

    Only problem left is the cold inside

    You are right. I hate that.

  • Hy everyone
    I live in Switzerland, and the past few days, they were really cold. So cold, that many lakes are frozen now - that's fun! But, personally, I prefer the warm season. Fact is, I like both of them, winter - and summertime, that's an advantage of Switzerland!
    Unfortunately, tomorrow it will rain, and the snow goes away...
    Have a nice sunny day!
    Greetings from Switzerland
  • the only thing i like in winter is skiing (and of course après-ski :D)
    but i do not like the temperatures, the snow (snowshoveling), the colds, the icy roads, the salt on the roads, the cold wind, that i cannot ride my motorcycle, blablabla etc pp ...
    i am a typical summer-guy. i also do not like spring and autumn :fuck:
  • But now it's winter enough!;)

    It is end of march and it could really start spring. 3 days ago, it even swowed.
    The weather is horrible. One day lovely weather and then a rainy day again with cold temperatures.
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Hoffnung und Freude sind die besten Ärzte.[/FONT]
    Wilhelm Raabe