IGO 8.3 on Becker 7988 and TMC

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  • IGO 8.3 on Becker 7988 and TMC

    Besser auf Englisch...

    This is to explain how to make iGO PDA work on a Becker 7988. My own Becker has the PMB (PMB) environment but it should work without it as well.

    First, to make iGO work you need the right license, else the boot crashes after the INIT API message. The INIT API problem is already implemented here but if you want to know more about it go here:

    Then download this file

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    and follow the steps:

    1) Copy these files to the respective directories of your becker - the same directories as you see here! The directories have to be emptied before.
    2) Copy the "content" directory with all the maps, languages and so on to Storage Card/iGO8. You have to have this directory by yourself, it is obviously not included here.
    3) Start over the "Navigation" tab in the Shell, choose language and voice.
    4) WAIT!!!! Wait, it takes some time until the Becker passes after the POI MANAGER INIT status. It should be done in 5-10 minutes.
    5) Choose the "Expert mode"
    6) Go to "settings", "TMC".
    7) Put in these values: Protocol "GNS", Port "1", baud "38400"
    8) Click on "Start Auto-Search" - it should find the TMC hardware now.
    9) Now go back to the "Settings" menu, choose "GPS", run the GPS "Auto-Search". It should find the GPS module.
    10) Exit the IGO software manually by clicking in "EXIT" until you are back to the Becker-Shell. IGO will now save your settings.

    Finally, here's the content of the SYS.TXT:

    app="Storage Card/iGO8"


    The problem with TMC may... (?) arise from the fact that the IGO exe needs additional files in the flash directory "mnav" for configuration of TMC. This may be a programming error. The point is that I did'nt get to work TMC with specific sys.txt settings, it only works with as little sys.txt settings as possible.

    If you don't get to work TMC this way go to the Storage Card/iGO8 directory and start the iGO.exe from there. Maybe this helps. Good luck!