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    Since, unfortunately, it doesn't work without any, here are the rules!

    In advance, consider the following

    I addition to the rules below, the specific rules and advices of the subforums apply as well.
    They are pinned at the top of each subforum in red.

    The posting of links in the forum is strictly forbidden!
    Exceptions and detailed explanations for that can be found in the rules below as well as in the rules of the corresponding subforum!

    If you are unsure, whether something is allowed, please ask the moderators [mods] of the respective subforum, before you create a post.
    For questions concerning the forum in general, the board software, questions about your post count, status or similar, contact one of the FSB tutors via PM!

    The violation of these rules can lead from a warning to the point of an immediate and permanent ban from the board!
    In case of a violation these rules do not need to be discussed, either you accept them or you leave the board!

    If you notice a breach of the rules yourself, you can, in order to reduce the work of the moderators, push the "Report post" button (this sign [icon='fa-exclamation-triangle',242][/icon] on the right bottom of every post). The abuse of the button will be punished accordingly.

    An explanation of terms often used in the forum are noted in square brackets.
    More detailed explanations can be found in the forum Rules / How To´s.


    #1 Please respect other users and be friendly at all times! Insults of any kind, discrimination of other nationalities, races or religions are forbidden - neither against members, nor against political parties or organisations!
    Disagreements or disputes are to be discussed outside of the public forums (for example per personal message [PM] or e-mail).
    If that does not settle the conflict, you can contact one of the moderators in charge.

    #1.1 The board rules apply to Social Groups, User Blogs and Visitor Messages as well.
    First and foremost, the owners of those are responisble for the compliance of the rules and the report of violations. Posts against the rules are to be erased immediately and reported to a moderator.

    #2 The only language allowed in the English Subforum is English!

    #3 Each person is allowed to have only one account. When a user owns more than one account, all of his accounts will be erased.

    #4 Any posts in the public area (threads, posts, user sites, avatars, signatures, etc.) containing radical right-wing offers, propaganda, racism, child pornography or similar are strictly forbidden, will be deleted without comments and avenged accordingly!

    #5 Instructions for building bombs, weapons or similar dangerous things will lead to the exclusion from the board.

    #6 Discussions and questions about illegal activities like hacking, phreaking, pub stealing, etc. are not welcome and will be punished accodringly.

    No threads with the topic "How do I create com-folders or store files on a FTP!
    No posts/threads/requests to Haxor tutorials or similar!

    Threads & Posts

    #7 Please use the searchfunction [Suchfunktion/SuFu] before creating a thread, to find possible existing threads about the same topic.

    #8 Posting pattern:

    8.1 Omit unnecessary posts (such as "You've got mail", "Give me the IP", insults, and unfriendly posts in general; especially no multiple and double posts for uploads, rules, IP distribution, and speed reports [speedys/speedies]). Also, pay attention to the rules in the according Upload forum!
    [double posts = multiple posts in a row]
    [multiple posts = multiple posts in a thread]
    Use the Edit function, that is available in all open threads, to edit your posts instead of creating a new one.

    8.2 Tiny posts like:
    "That's what I think" or "I am for XYZ"
    are undesireable and are considered as SPAM. They will be, as the case may be, deleted and, in extreme cases, punished with a warning.
    Posts free of sense are handled in the same manner.

    8.3 Quoting entire posts is an annoying and bad habit and is therefore forbidden, since it interrupts the flow of reading! Quotes are to be limited to quintessences, that are necessary for the response.

    The quote can tagged with the name of the author, so that the reader does not lose the reference.
    How to: [.QUOTE=AUTHOR]the desired quote[./QUOTE] <<< Remove dots and replace AUTHOR with the user name, whose text is quoted.

    Quotes from sources outside of the board have to be posted with references due to legal reasons! Why: Grundlage (text is German)

    #9 So-called "direct download links" [DDLs] or indirect storing locations like h**p:// are not accepted, since they could possibly infringe copyrights. The posting of any PDF or similar that violates or could violate a copyright is strictly forbidden.

    #10 Any links serving (house) advertising or "Diebesspiele", as well as referral links are prohibited. Furthermore, links referring to One-Click-Hosters [OCH/OKH] or warez are forbidden (also note #14).
    Threads or posts concerning the topic of earning money via Internet are forbidden as well!
    Forming an own project in the board is not allowed either!

    Links referring to other boards as well as warez sites are generally prohibited!

    Permitted are links referring to information sites such as Yahoo!, CNN, or The New York Times (e.g. as reference). Also permitted are official, legal links, where a direct download is not launched automatically.

    #11 In order to make the usage of the board more comfortable even for ISDN users, only one picture per post is allowed.
    The picture size is to be kept so small, that neither vertical nor horizontal scrolling is necessary at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
    A collection of pictures, where two or more were merged into one single picture, are prohibited!
    Banners of crews are regarded as one picture as well.

    #12The HIDE function [HIDE hack] (), which only reveals the hidden text, when the user replies to the thread, is basically prohibited. The only exception is the Rätsel & Witze forum, where replies to a thread with the prefix "Rätsel" have to be written with the HIDE hack.

    #13 Signatures should not influence the readability of threads. These rules apply:

    * 1 line at Size=12 or Size=14
    * 4 lines at standard font size (Size=10)
    * 6 lines at Size=8
    * Larger font sizes are not allowed!
    * Pictures are forbidden!
    * Scripts (JS, VBS, etc.), quotes, code or PHP tags are prohibited!
    * At a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the width should not exceed the number of lines due to word wraps.

    A blank line counts as one line.
    If several font sizes are used, the limitation of lines for the largest size applies!

    Uploads, Links, and Distribution

    #14 Do not post IPs, DDLs, and serial numbers [serials] directly in the board.

    No threads offering torrents or similar.

    Uploads are expected to be hosted on FTP servers or at least as web download (e.g. on OCHs like RapidShare, Megaupload,, etc.)

    #15 Distribute links and IPs only via PM, e-mail, IRC, ICQ, etc. The distribution of access information via automailer or "Just reply here. I will get back at you" are forbidden!
    Requests in the thread are not allowed!

    #16 Uploads:

    16.1 Uploads and the rules for them are the responsibility of the uploading member. They decide what rules apply to the upload and who to give the IP or link to.

    16.2 Requests for IPs or links are to be sent to the uploader [upper] or IP distributor only. That means, only they are authorized to distribute the IP or the link. The rule even applies, when the distributor is not available, because of a full inbox or the upper does not visit the board for several days/weeks.

    16.3 Any further distribution of IPs or links is strictly forbidden, unless the upper explicitly allows it.

    16.4 Only IPs for self-made pubs, folders and account access (on external servers) are allowed to be offered.
    Any further distribution, including links or IPs from uploads of other members, as well as any change or deletion of offers is forbidden!

    #17 If you, in your opinion wrongly, appear on a blacklist of an uploader, solve the issue solely internal and with the upper, for example via PM.

    Any violation of these rules can lead to an instant and permanent exclusion from the board!

    Freesoft-Board Team
    Rechteübersicht * Forenregeln * F.A.Q. * Lexikon
    Suchfunktion * Chat * User helfen User

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

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