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  • This is merely a translation. In case of any doubts, please refer to the German original.


    As long as we can't live without them, these are the rules.

    The Basics

    Additionaly to all listed rules in here you need to respect those special rules and hints which are mentioned in each subforum.
    These rules are easily to be found as a sticky thread labeled "Info" at the top of each subforum.

    In the marketplace all terms of use are to be found seperated in the menu system.

    As a matter of principle any usage of weblinks is forbidden in this forum!
    Any exception from this rule as well as detailed explanations to these exceptions will be found in the following rules and/or be part of the special subforum rules!

    In case of doubt, please contact the mentioned mods of the related subforum before you create a post.

    To solve questions regarding the forum in general, its functionality, the special posts counting system, different user status or anything similar, you should visit the F.A.Q.-System first before asking any other user about it.
    In case of insufficient information, feel free to contact our FSB-Tutors or use the newbie subforum to retrieve additional hints.

    Any violations to these rules may lead into consequences. Starting from a warning/letter of reprimand up to a permanent disqualification to this board.
    There is no way of discussing these rules. Accept them or leave the board.

    In case you find any violation against these rules, you may use help our mods by using the report button (which can be found at bottom left of each post).
    Any abuse of this functionality will lead into consequences as well.
    Report buttons are to be found in conversations and programs (pinboard, blogs, galleries, ...) as well.


    #1 Always treat users in a kindful way. Any insults or discriminations against other users, political parties or any organisation due to different nationality, races, or religion are to be avoided.
    Difference of opinions are to be solved by using conversation email or similar, but not inside the public part of the forum.
    In case you can't solve the problem, feel free to contact the subforum moderator.

    #1.1 Boardrules are valid for all parts of this forum, even in user profiles and any additional part of this forum.
    Profileowners and Blogowners are responisble for carrying out the rules and reporting any violation against these rules primarily. Any posts of violation are to be deleted and reported.

    #1.2 Search posts and offer posts of any data are allowed in subforums which are labled for this only.

    #2 The language which may be used in your posts is limited to German and English only.

    #3 In general, each user may use one account in this forum only. In case of violation all referring useraccounts will be deleted permanently. Double accounts need to be ordered and justified. In case there is a good reason to order a double account, please use the link which is to be found on the bottom of each page.

    #4 Any posts, blogs, avatars, signatures, ... containing radical right-wing or radical left-wing material as well as racism or child pornography or similar are strictly prohibited and will be punished and deleted without any comment!

    #5 Any guides for creating bombs, weapons or anything similar will be punished by board exclusion.

    #6 Any discussions and questions regarding illigal activities such as hacking, phreaking, pubstealing or similar are not wanted and will be punished.
    NO threads about how to create a com-folder or secure files on an ftp share.
    NO posts, threads, requests referring haxor-tuts or similar

    Threads & Postings

    #7 Before creating threads please use the seach functionality in this board to confirm that there are no similar threads or posts already.

    #8 Posting behaviour:

    8.1 Avoid useless posts.
    Follow the rules in the related subforum (only available in german language).

    Double posts are prohibited (which means creating two or more directly following posts by the same user in the same thread)
    Use the edit feature of this board to avoid this. Its available in all public threads.

    Multiple posts in the same thread are prohibited in some subforums. Have a look in the subforum rules to find out about this restriction.

    8.2 "atomic posts" such as:
    'I agree' ... 'I vote for XYZ' ...
    are not wanted at all and will be classified as SPAM. They may be deleted and be punished by warnings/letter of reprimand relating to the level of violation.
    Useless posts will lead into same reactions.

    8.3 Full quotes are classified as unwanted behaviour because they will result into a decreasing clarity. Quotes are to be restricted to that specific information which is necessary to understand the reply.

    Usernames can be added to quotes to preserve the related information.
    How to: [QUOTE=MEMBERNAME]....text....[/QUOTE] <<< "MEMBERNAME" is to be replaced of course.

    Quotations from other sources need to be mentioned according to the law
    reason: basics (only in german language)

    #9 neither direct download links [DDLs] nor indirect file addressing (e.g. h**p:// will not been accepted, because they may violate copyrights. Attaching PDFs or similar documents which are violating copyrights or may violate copyrights are strictly forbidden.

    #10 any links (as well as referral links) which may be interpreted as advertising or thieves games are forbidden. Downloadlinks using one click hoster [OCH] or containing warez are forbidden (note rules mentioned in subforums as well). Any torrent links or similar warez sources are forbidden too.
    Any threads/posts containing information about earning money in the internet are forbidden.
    Using this forum to advertising own projects is forbidden as well!

    References [links, DNS, domains ...] to other boards as well as warez-sites are strictly forbidden!

    Attachment which are not mentioned by rule #11 (everything except picture files) won't be allowed in themes/posts, blogs and other applications.

    Reference links to trustworthy information websites (e.g. Heise, Stern, Spiegel, or similar) are allowed. Official, legal links such as downloads - CHIP Online are allowed as well as long as they won't start a download immidately.

    #11 Pictures and Textformatting
    Image sizes and textformatting (fontsizes, smilies without linebreaks ...) are to be used in a reader-friendly way.

    Rules about embedded attached files and their previews inside of posts: Each post is limited to one picture maximally. Picture size limitations up to 750x750.
    In case its helpful for problem solving descriptions, there is an exception of up to 5 pictures to be used as attatchments (not being embedded). No exception for size limitations!

    Rules about external picture links used by IMG-BBCode: Each post is limited to one picture maximally. Picture size limitations up to 750x750.
    Previews/Thumbnails of external picture-hosters are limited to 5 images.

    Additional exceptions e.g. to be used in turorials are to be discussed with - and allowed by the responsible moderator.

    #12 Hide-functionality [Hide-Hack] restricts the content to be seen by those users who answered to the original post. The usage of this hide functionality is limited to be used in the riddle area (Label: "Rätsel").

    #13 Signatures should not take influence on the threads themselves. The following rules are to be obeyed:

    • 1 line in fontsize 12 or 14
    • 4 lines in default fontsize 10
    • 6 lines in fontsize 8

    => bigger fontsizes are forbidden!
    => the usage of pictures is not allowed!
    => the usage of scripts (JS, VBS or similar), quotes, code information or PHP tags are forbidden in general!

    The width of your signature has to be adjusted not to break the rules above by automatic linebrakes created by screen resolutions of 1024x768.
    Empty lines count as complete lines.
    In case of different fontsizes in one line, the resulting line rule depends on the biggest fontsize.

    In case of violation the referring useraccount may be deleted immediately!

    The board team has to judge about any violations or exceptions.

    To keep our FS-B-Community clear and fair we ask you to respect and follow these rules. Any violation may lead into warning/letter of reprimand up to a permanent disqualification to this board (in worst cases). In case of violations, feel free to contact the moderator/subforum moderator ().

    Best Regards
    Your Freesoft-Board Team
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    Suchfunktion * Chat * User helfen User

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

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