New English Upload Sections And Moderators

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  • New English Upload Sections And Moderators

    Hello and Happy Holidays to all the members of the Freesoft-Board,

    we (xlemmingx, LukZen and Jusher) have one BIG christmas present for you this year. We are proud to be the first "real" moderators of the English subforum. We hope to bring some life in this subforum threatened with extinction.

    Here's a little bit about ourselves:

    Who is 19 but oldest moderator in English team. Surfing in the FSB for about 3 years and modding since christmas 06. I'll help the two newbies to come clare and also rock the section a bit.

    I'm also currently 19 years old and, following jusher, the second greenhorn in terms of being a moderator.
    Right now, I am waiting for an internship to start in Cape Town, South Africa, where I hope to be able to improve my English a bit further. Until then, expect some English gamez coming your way.

    I'm 19 yrs old and have been waiting quite some time to get this moderator spot. I'm not the most experienced moderator, but I guess there's a first time for everybody. I'm almost done with school (half a year is left) and after that I'll be doing one year of Zivildienst. Once that's done.. Well, I'm not quite sure what will be then, but I'm thinking a lot about becoming a pilot right now :D
    OK, it's time to stop talking and start acting now:D The first English movies are coming your way soon..
    Now, that you know enough about us and our English skills (:D), we hope that you come and join us in our fairly small and unknown (that's about to change) part of the FSB.

    And don't forget: immer schön Englisch reden :P
    Schonmal frohe Festtage falls wir uns nicht mehr lesen.

    Greetz from
    xlemmingx, lukzen, Jusher

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