The German Buttons - Translated!

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  • The German Buttons - Translated!

    Since not all the buttons and links are getting translated even after switching the board language to english, some poeple that don't speak german might have a problem with that. Here are some of the translations:

    Posting a thread:
    When you are inside a forum and have a list of all the threads, hit (new topic) to create your own topic in that forum.

    Posting a reply:
    When inside a thread, hit (Reply) to leave a posting in that topic.
    If the button looks like this: , the topic is closed by a moderator and can not be replied to anymore. If there is urgent need that this topic is opened again, please send a PM to the responsible moderator.

    Performing actions on postings:
    In the lower right of each posting, you have the following buttons:
    (PM, Private Message): Send a private message to the user who wrote that posting.

    (Edit): Edit that posting. You can only use this function on your own replies. Very useful to prevent double-postings.

    (Quote): Quote this posting in a new reply. Clicking this will do the same as the Reply-button, but it will add the other user's posting in
    -tags, so other users know who your reply is referring to. Please always reduce the quote to its core sentences, though.

    Performing actions on PMs:
    (Forward): Forward this message to another user.

    (Reply): Reply to this message to the same user. The original message will be kept in

    This should cover the most important buttons. Remember that you can always hover your mouse over a button for some time to see its function, even in english.

    Now some links, especially those in the user's menu at the very top of every site:

    Spielhalle (gambling hall, Premium Users only): A place with hundreds of cool games. Fight for the High Scores with other people from the forums.

    Datenbank (database): A place where a lot of useful little programs, books and tools are available for you to download.

    Neue Themen (new topics): A list to see the newest threads thoughout the board.

    Kontakte (contacts): An overview of all your friends and a quick way to check their status or write PMs.

    Notizen (notes, Premium Users only): A little personal textbox where you can quickly leave some notes, whatever it be.

    We hope that helps a bit to get started here.
    Now enjoy your stay!
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