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  • How to join the IRC channel

    How to join the IRC channel

    The Freesoft-Board has its own IRC server, where many users get quick answers to questions or just talk about politicts, games, the weather, and other interesting topics :D

    In my opinion, this is a one-of-a-kind channel and one of the best parts of this board.

    This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to join the channel.

    There are two possibilities of joining the channel.

    1. JavaChat

    The JavaChat is integrated in the board and can be found on the top of the page.

    If you want to use the JavaChat click on either JavaChat or JavaChat (PopUp).

    The JavaChat should open and you will be connected to the main channel #freesoft-board. However, this is the channel for German speaking people, so you will want to join the channel #English_Channel. Simply type in /join #English_Channel and hit Enter.

    Now you can start asking questions or chatting with other members.

    2. mIRC

    If you want a better client than the JavaChat (no offense), mIRC is probably the best choice.

    First, you have to download mIRC.
    Once installed, open the application.

    You will have to type in your name, an e-mail address, a nickname and an alternative.

    Now you need to join the server. For that, hit OK on the options and you will see the blank mIRC screen. Type in /s and hit Enter. The program will now connect you to the server.

    The next and last step is to join the channel. Type /join #English Channel into the command line and you will join the English IRC channel. It's as easy as that :D

    Advanced Options

    Here are some tips on how to configure your mIRC for better use.

    First of all, add the Freesoft-Board to the Servers list.

    Now you can set the perform on connect. This is a list of commands that you want mIRC to perform when connecting to a specific network.

    1. - You will have to add the Group Freesoft-Board to the Networks-List in the Perform dialog.

    2. - Pick Freesoft-Board as network

    3. - Now type in any commands you want to be performed when you join the server. The most important two are written.

    4. - This check mark enables the entire perform on connect option and is necessary for the commands to be performed in the beginning.

    What is NickServ and what do I need it for?

    NickServ is an addition to the server. With NickServ you can register your nickname and protect it with a password. If any user has your nickname when you connect, you can kick that user off the channel and obtain your nickname. The most important NickServ functions are listed here:


    1. /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> [e-mail]

    Register the nickname you are currently using by providing a password and an e-mail address.


    1. /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

    Identify your nickname. You might want to add this to your perform, so that your nickname is identified every time you join.


    1. /msg NickServ GROUP [nickname] <password>

    Add your current nickname to a previous registered one, creating a group of nicknames, all protected with the same password.

    These are just a few commands. For more simply use Google.