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  • POSTAL.2.SHARE.THE.PAIN is das ein ADD-ON?

    Tach Leutz!
    Das spiel POSTAL.2.SHARE.THE.PAIN is das eine vollversion oder ein addon zu Postal 2?

    GreeTz ThEmUmIe
  • ist ein addon.......

    Postal 2: Share The Pain compounds the insanity of the original game by
    adding new levels, weapons and outrageous MULTIPLAYER MODES! The unique
    map designs will have you setting traps and running for cover while our
    SNATCH mode will have you drooling on your keyboard over the fabulous
    POSTAL BABES! Roast, blast and explode your friends over LAN or the
    Internet as the Gimp, terrorists or even TV's Gary Coleman! Round
    up your friends (and enemies) and SHARE THE PAIN!