Photomatix Pro for Mac OS X - Version 2.5.4 Vollversion

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  • Photomatix Pro for Mac OS X - Version 2.5.4 Vollversion

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    Photomatix Pro for Mac OS X - Version 2.5.4 Vollversion

    Drag the file "Photomatix Pro" (the file with the umbrella icon) to your Applications folder. Double-click the Photomatix icon in its new location to begin using it, or drag it to your Dock for easy access.

    Once Photomatix Pro is installed, you can safely "eject" the volume and dispose of the .dmg file you downloaded.

    Photomatix Pro version 2.5.4 requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher. Photomatix Pro is a Universal Binary, it will run natively on both PPC and Intel Macs.

    Change Log:

    Updated in version 2.5.4
    - Bug fixed: Memory leak with Details Enhancer is corrected, which will avoid crashes after hundreds of iterations of Batch Processing. Bug had been introduced in version 2.5

    Updated in version 2.5.3
    - Added support for RAW files from the Canon 40D.
    - Changed the shortcut key to access the "Generate HDR" option on the Batch Processing window from cmd-H to cmd-alt-shift-H to avoid replacing the standard Mac OS X cmd-H shortcut to hide the application
    - Bug fixed: Tone Mapping a grayscale HDR image file stored in Floating Point TIFF format should not crash the application anymore.

    Updated in version 2.5.2
    - Bug fixed: Loading settings saved in XMP file for Tone Compressor from the Single File Conversion window should now work as expected.
    - Cosmetic: removed transparent background of icons for getting a crop at 100% resolution on the tone mapping preview .

    Updated in version 2.5.1
    - Bug fixed: Resulting images saved in TIFF format should now correctly store the preserved EXIF data and tone mapping settings XMP metadata.
    - Bug fixed: incorrect 16-bit output when using Details Enhancer with HDR image files produced by PTGui Pro should not happen anymore.

    Updated in version 2.5
    - Six new settings for tone mapping method Details Enhancer: Color Temperature, Saturation Highlights, Saturation Shadows, Highlights Smoothing, Shadows Smoothing and Shadows Clipping. Additionally, the setting Light Smoothing has been changed from a slider to radio buttons (in order to make it clear it can not take intermediate values) and the setting Microcontrast varies differently: the maximum value of +2 in previous versions is now the same as a value of 0 in version 2.5.
    - Two new settings for tone mapping method Tone Compressor: Color Temperature and Color Saturation.
    - Information such as Camera model, DateTime original, Aperture, ISO and focal length passed through to resulting images saved as JPEG. Additionally, the information is also passed through to tone mapped images coming from an HDR image file in Radiance (.hdr) format that has been created with Photomatix Pro version 2.4.1 or higher.
    - Camera model and DateTime Original added to the information passed through to resulting images saved as TIFF.
    - Resize function available for 32-bit HDR images.
    - Updated RAW conversion code to support recent camera model such as the 1D MKIII
    - Faster processing time and less memory usage for tone mapping method Tone Compressor.
    - Tone Mapping preview now refreshes when the "360 image" option is selected
    - Tone mapping method Tone Compressor can now be used with "Large File Processing"
    - Ability to batch tone map hdr image files using the Tone Compressor method with Single File Conversion.
    - Bug fixed: HDR images created from RAW files and saved as Radiance (.hdr) should now open correctly in Photoshop CS2/CS3.
    - Bug fixed: Generating an HDR image with strip-by-strip processing option should now produce correct output.
    - Bug fixed: Typing the value of the tone mapping settings should now work correctly for all settings.
    - Bug fixed: Processing RAW files from the D1X should not crash the application anymore.
    - Bug fixed: Generating HDR image from RAW files with Batch Processing should now produce the correct output.

    Updated in version 2.4.1
    - When HDR image is saved in the Radiance (.hdr) format, some Exif information of the source images such as the camera model, Aperture or focal length is provided in the header of the file.
    - When exposure information has not been found in source images -or one or more images have the same exposure information-, ranking of images based on the estimated Exposure Values in now more accurate.
    - Gamma slider for Details Enhancer has been extended to take values up to 0.35 (previously the maximum on the left was 0.5).
    - Bug fixed: Generate HDR with RAW files as source images and after having entered the Exposure Values should now work correctly, instead of reporting an error that the file could not be opened.
    - Bug fixed: When the source images have the same exposure time but different aperture or ISO settings, the window for entering the Exposure Values should not show anymore.
    - Bug fixed: when misregistration is only due to translation shifts, automatic alignment (option "Align images") should now work in the special cases where it used to fail.
    - Bug fixed: Generating HDR image from TIFF files with an alpha channel should now work correctly.
    - Bug fixed: Default White Balance should be correctly taken into account when generating HDR from differently exposed RAW files.

    Updated in version 2.4
    - Option for reducing ghosting artifacts in generated HDR image. There is a separate option depending on whether the ghosts are caused by moving objects/people or periodic movements such as rippling water .
    - Undo and Redo of the last settings done on Tone Mapping window.
    - Slider to adjust Gamma setting when Tone Mapping with Details Enhancer.
    - Options for naming of output files of Batch Processing.
    - Ability to adjust the white balance and output color space when creating an HDR image from differently exposed RAWs from HDR->Generate.
    - Strip-processing option to generate an HDR image with Batch Processing. This option enables to create an HDR image from large files without exceeding available RAM.
    - Updated RAW conversion to include recent camera models such as the Pentax 10D for instance.
    - Sticky settings for Batch Processing (applicable to the general settings for running the batch, and not to the HDR or Tone Mapping settings used with Batch Processing).
    - Ability to set in Preferences the default White Balance used for RAW conversion.
    - Option in Batch Processing to leave the aligned results uncropped.
    - Changed the calculation for the option "Attempt to reverse-engineer tone curve applied" of Generate HDR, and made it available with images in 16 bits/channel mode as well.
    - Bug fixed: when source images are grayscale, Generate HDR and the functions under the Combine menu should not crash anymore.
    - Bug fixed: "As Shot" White Balance should now be closer to the expected behavior.
    - Bug fixed: Custom white balance set on the RAW preview should now be taken into account properly.
    - Bug fixed: Large File Processing with 16-bit image should now work again.

    Updated in version 2.3.3
    - Focal length of the source images as well as exposure information that did not change (usually Aperture and ISO) are passed through to the tone mapped or combined results when saved in TIFF format.
    - Tone Mapping settings are embedded as XMP metadata when tone mapped image is saved as TIFF file. The settings can then be viewed in Photoshop under File->Info->Advanced.
    - Bug fixed: RAW files from the D80 are now converted using the correct color matrix.
    - Bug fixed: Combining images having a width different from a multiple of 32 should not produce scrambled output anymore after having aligned them using the Advanced Align functions.
    - Bug fixed: Tone Mapping should now work correctly with 16-bit grayscale images.
    - Bug fixed: Kodak RAW files with the "kcr" extension should now be processed.
    - Bug fixed: When Generate HDR is used on already opened images, error message about images not selected should not show anymore.
    - Cosmetic: made the controls of the Tone Mapping window remain at the same place when resizing the window with the mouse.

    Updated in version 2.3.2
    - Updated raw conversion process to support recent camera models
    - Made it possible to load RAW files with TIF extensions (Canon 1Ds and Phase One P45) as raws. Behaviour can be changed in Preferences.
    - Bug fixed: "Include Subfolders" option of Batch Processing should now work (bug had been introduced in v2.3.1).
    - Bug fixed: "Align images" option with source images having a large difference in brightness values and non-uniform histograms should not fail anymore.
    - Bug fixed: Loading Tone Mapping settings for Tone Compressor from Batch Processing should now work correctly.
    - Bug fixed: checking the "Align images" option with the "H&S" methods from the Combine menu when the images did not need to be aligned should not produce incorrect results anymore.

    Updated in version 2.3.1
    - Ability to open a RAW file in the application, converting it into an HDR image on the fly.
    - Support for RAW files when creating HDR image from menu HDR->Generate.
    - The window for entering EV values manually is now also shown when the source images in entry of Generate HDR have the same exposure information.
    - Bug fixed: Problem of not being able to save tone mapped or combined 16-bit result should not happen anymore.
    - Bug fixed: "360 image" option of "Details Enhancer" when Light Smoothing is set to +1 or +2 should now work correctly.
    - Bug fixed: images saved as 16-bit TIFF should now open in LightZone and its metadata be editable in Bridge.
    - Bug fixed: Clicking a second time on the OK button of Generate HDR when no images have been selected should not crash anymore on PPC.
    - Bug fixed: Using the "Align Images" option with source images having a different width should now work correctly.
    - Bug fixed: Loading Tone Mapping settings for Tone Compressor from Batch Processing should now be possible.

    Updated in version 2.3
    - Addition of a new tone mapping method based on a global operator (this means the new method does not enhance local contrast, but on the other hand avoids issues of noise and halos).
    - Sticky values for the settings of the Tone Mapping window.
    - Ability to zoom the tone mapped preview to get a 100% crop.
    - Direct selection of EV spacing when exposure information hasn't been found in source images when generating HDR image.
    - Ability to manually enter values of Tone Mapping settings in text fields.
    - Changed the system for selecting the source folders for Batch Processing and Single File Conversion: the browser control is replaced by a button to select the folder.
    - Simplified the layout and user interaction of function Large File Processing
    - Increment to a higher value added to Light Smoothing setting: it can now be set to the value +2 (i.e. "Very High").
    - Color Temperature for generating HDR image from RAW files is now defaulted to "As Shot" instead of "Daylight".
    - Added back ability to remove HDR image file after tone mapping in Batch Processing.
    - Changed the Photomatix Overview window from modal to non-modal and made it available from menu Help.
    - Bug fixed: Modification of the tone mapping algorithm to address the problem of almost completely black results, or results with black borders, or white corners.
    - Bug fixed: the "Include sub-folder" option of Batch Processing now saves the files as expected.
    - Bug fixed: RAW files in portrait orientation are now processed correctly.
    - Bug fixed: Batch Processing does not leak memory anymore.
    - Bug fixed: preview for color temperature of RAW files in portrait mode is now displayed correctly.
    - Bug fixed: an error message is now returned when attempting to save a 16-bit image into jpeg.

    Updated in version 2.2.3
    - Bug fixed: Opening and saving in OpenEXR format is now working again (bug had been introduced in v2.2.2).

    Updated in version 2.2.2
    - Default file name of generated HDR image is created based on the filenames of the source images (or the first source image when there are more than 7 of them, or when no common root is detected).
    - Tone Mapping Color Saturation setting minimum range is now 0% instead of 20% and Strength setting now defaulted to 70% instead of 80%.
    - Images with alpha channel can now be opened and processed.
    - Cosmetic changes in preview for "H&S - Adjust".
    - Bug fixed: random crash with Batch Processing should not happen anymore

    Updated in version 2.2.1
    - Algorithm of "Generate HDR" has been improved. The improvements include a better handling of noisy LDR source images for instance.
    - Bug fixed: loading images with alpha channel from the "Generate HDR" window should not crash anymore.

    Updated in version 2.2
    - Generation of HDR images from differently exposed RAWs via Batch Processing. White Balance and output color space settings can be adjusted.
    - Tone Mapping settings can be saved to and loaded from XMP files.
    - Display of opened, resulting and preview images is now color managed.
    - Passing through of color profile from source images to resulting tone mapped or combined image.
    - New Tone Mapping setting named "Microconstrast Smoothing", that smoothes out local details enhancement. This has for effect of reducing noise in the sky for instance and tends to give a "cleaner" look to the tone mapped image.
    - Special process for tone mapping large files.
    - New item on menu "View" to zoom images at 100%.
    - HDR image created contains absolute values when exposure information (Shutter, Aperture and ISO) is available in source images.
    - Option for a bigger Tone Mapping preview and switch between preview on and off.
    - Smoothing setting for the Tone Mapping can now take a higher value, which often gives a more "natural" look to the tone mapped result. (Note: The meaning of the values has been changed. A value "Medium" corresponds to what used to be "High" in v2.1, and a value of "Very Low" to what used to be "Low").
    - Non-linear variations for the White and Black clip sliders of the Tone Mapping dialog to make it easier to set low values. Maximum value of Black Clip slider is now 5% instead of 2%.
    - Less memory required to perform tone mapping: reduced by about 40% in batch mode and 20% when the HDR image is opened in the application.
    - Option for short file name in output of Batch Processing.

    Updated in version 2.1.2
    - Bug fixed: Generating HDR image from PSD files does not cause random crashes anymore (thanks to Jeff Sutton for reporting the bug).
    - Bug fixed: Images with a width that is not a multiple of 8 now processed correctly on Tiger
    - Tone Mapping setting "Strength" defaulted to 80 instead of 100

    Updated in version 2.1.1
    - Tone Mapping of single files in batch mode now also possible with 48-bit TIFF files
    - Ability to set the "Blending Point" for method "H&S Details - Adjust" in the Batch Processing.
    - Renaming of several settings of the Tone Mapping (e.g. "Dynamic Range Increase" slider renamed into "Luminosity", and "Smoothing" slider changed into a combo box). Those changes were done to synchronize with the naming used for the upcoming Photoshop Plug-In of the Tone Mapping.
    - Extension of the maximum number of bracketed images set in the Batch Processing from 7 to 11.
    - Bug fixed: Opening of 16-bit PSD from the interface does not crash anymore

    Updated in version 2.1
    - Faster and more robust automatic alignment tool. Now available as option when running any image combination and in the batch processing as well. (The "old" alignment tools are still available for cases when rotation is involved.)
    - Compatibility with 10.4 (Tiger) .
    - Ability to set the EV spacing when generating an HDR image via the batch processing.
    - Option to generate HDR images one line at a time in the batch processing (limits memory requirements for very large files).
    - HDR viewer shows the RGB values
    - Batch conversion for processing single files (as opposed to bracketed images with the Batch processing). It converts HDR images into tone mapped jpegs or tiffs. It also converts single RAW files into HDR images.
    - Addition of an HDR Histogram adapted to HDR images. It displays the frequency of the logarithm base 2 of the HDR values and shows the relative EV.
    - Modification of the way the dynamic range is calculated. Now takes the percentiles 0.2 and 99.95 instead of the absolute minimum and maximum.

    Updated in version 2.0.5
    - Slider that controls the strength of local contrast enhancement of the Tone Mapping
    - Ability to get the parameters set the last time the Tone Mapping ran
    - Radius setting for method "H&S Details - Adjust" in the Batch processing
    - More settings for the Tone Mapping in the Batch processing
    - Ability to select just one set of input images from the source folder for the Batch processing

    Updated in version 2.0.4
    - Read support for .psd file
    - Ability to view HDRI at different exposures (+/- 1-fstop increments)
    - Bug fixed: HDRIs generated from 48-bit images showed banding when saved in OpenEXR format
    - Bug fixed: some uncompressed Radiance RGBE files could not be opened

    Updated in version 2.0.3
    - Read/Write support for OpenEXR and Floating Point TIFF formats
    - Tool for remapping mirror ball to Latitude/Longitude format
    - Rotation tool for both LDR and HDR images
    - Ability to set some of the tone mapping parameters in batch mode
    - Crop tool enabled for HDR images
    - Ability to generate an HDR Image without having to open the LDR files (recommended to save memory)
    - Bug fixed: when the width of input images is not a multiple of 8, the batch was producing incorrect results when running OS 10.3 (Panther)
    - Bug fixed: memory leak with batch processing of tone mapping method

    Updated in version 2.0.2
    - Enabling the generation of an HDR image in batch mode when exif data are missing
    - Bug fixed: reading of Radiance files when they are uncompressed (i.e. without RLE encoding)

    Updated in version 2.0.1
    - Special handling for tone mapping equirectangular images set to be viewed as 360 degree panorama.
    - Addition of a "Microcontrast" slider to the Tone Mapping panel
    - Ability to set the radius used by combination method "H&S Details - Adjust"
    - Improved interface for "H&S Details - Adjust": bigger preview and ability to switch between a complete view at low resolution and a partial view at image resolution

    New in version 2.0
    - Generation of a High Dynamic Range image (96-bit) from a sequence of 24- or 48-bit images
    - Tone Mapping tool adapted to scenes with a particularly high dynamic range
    - HDR viewer in the form of a pop-up window that shows the content of an HDR image or 48-bit TIFF
    - Batch Processing for an easy to use automation
    - Panel "Preferences"
    - "Undo" functionality available for the alignment, tone mapping and other tools
    - 16-bit support for the alignment tools.
    - Read/Write support of 96-bit HDR image in the Radiance RGBE format
    - Exposure information shown on the Image Property panel
    - List of files used for the combination added to the "H&S Details" panels
    Bug fixed:
    - Zoom percentage on combined image shows correctly
    - Slider shifts of the "H&S Details - Adjust" combination gives consistent results in all cases
    - Brightness/Contrast produces correct results
    - Random appearance of image from previous combinations now fixed (works in our tests at least)

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