2110 max mit 7210 software and Poiwarner

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  • 2110 max mit 7210 software and Poiwarner

    Im from Denmark and Im sorry thath I can't speak or write german, Thath's why i'm written in english :)

    I have a 2110 Max with the 7210 software from Westpeng, I have now installed the new Poiwarner for 7210 on my 2110max but i have some problems

    When i try to search for a poi on the radius i can't see any pois the list is just empty

    Could anybody please help me with my problem

    My number two question is what's the different between poiwarner and all poiwarner
  • a) delete all files in the directory Poiwarner/pois
    b) Restart the Navigon
    c) copy all *.asc and *.bmp in the Folder Poiwarner/pois
    d) Reset and Restart your Navigon

    Good Luck ;)