How to get IRD in Galaxis Easy Kabel?

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  • How to get IRD in Galaxis Easy Kabel?

    Many months ago I bought a Galaxis Easy World Kabel in Germany (I´m from Spain) so as to try and learn new things.
    As I dont know how to get IRD and BOXKEY from this decoder, I have put a jockercam into it. Now I have a BOXKEY, but IRD doesnt appear. Could someone help me? Do I have to modify firmware?

    Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, Ich danke Sie um English zu schreiben. Grussen!
  • first of all you need a smartcard, e.g. a "fun" card that you get from some dvb shops ("satarmy"...). than there is a programmer necessary for supplying this card with .hex files (to emulate a legal pay-tv card) and .crd files that contain the access keys to be able to watch. these files are available on different upload centres (look for "file upload center" with google).
    I will go into detail if questions appear.