Turbo OutRun Rom

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  • Turbo OutRun Rom


    Hier ein kleiner Auszug aus Retrogames:
    According to the news on Vintage Gaming, Turbo Outrun is now fully playable in the System 16 Update project. Afterburner I and II are also playable but have some bugs that should be fixed very soon. Good news indeed! (I was thinking the same thing as Till... maybe all those encrypted System16 sets will work now. ;) - dutch

    und hier das wichtigste Posting:

    "Hey people, well, after a weekend in our computer room at college plus 300 bottles of coke we finally have some goodies for you: Turbo Outrun is decrypted and running 100% perfect on current System 16 emu. No changes (well, the support) have to be made to the emu. Afterburner I+II are both running and playable, but a few bugs keep it from being perfect. Nothing to worry, after some hours of sleep we'll get back to work".

    Let's hope that this is true and maybe this opens the way to decrypt the whole bunch of encrypted Sega System16 romsets as well.

    Ich suche dieses gedumpte originale Spielhallen Rom schon seit einer halben Ewigkeit. :(

    Hab gelesen das Mame das noch nicht unterstützt, aber in einer inoffiziellen System16 Beta läuft das Teil mit Grafikfehler.

    Hast jemand eine Ahnung wo man das finden könnte ?

    Bitte, bitte :bounce: