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  • Hello there, I apologize if I joined this board by mistake....because I do not speak german : ( Is it absolutely necessary to know german? If someone can help me, please let me know.
    I checked all the tutorials, etc and everything is in german, so I dont know how I must go about everything.
    By the way, I found my way here, in search of movies : )
    Please reply or send me a private message?

  • I'm sorry for telling you that this is really a german board. We have no problems with a user, who can't read german. But we don't offer any tutorials or help in english or any other language, because 99% of our users can read german.
    Btw: All the movies you can get here are also german.

    -=Wer anderen eine Bratwurst brät, der hat ein Bratwurstbratgerät=-