moto racer 3 tastenbelegng

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    If you are using the keyboard, which I found the best, you simply use the left and right arrow keys to turn and the up and down keys to accelerate and brake. There is another key that you can use and the is the "b" key. This key allows you to do turbo boosts to gain some ground and it also doubles as a stunt or trick key. When racing on the dirt tracks where you get a lot of air, you can press the "b" key to do tricks or, when racing down a straightaway, you can press the key to do wheelies. There are other keys that can be accessed during play that allow you to change the different options within Moto Racer, such as the graphic detail or your current viewpoint. There are a couple of different viewpoints that you can choose from, with the most exciting one being the first-person view. From this view, you see over your handlebars as if you where actually sitting on the bike. This becomes a challenge when playing on the dirt tracks since things bump around quit a bit, but it does give a great feel for riding a bike on a dirt track.

    Das is alles, was ich gefunden hab.

    mit Pfeiltasten vorwärts rückwärts, etc
    b is special taste

    ich hoffe das hilft dir

    MFG Djaluby