"the-eminence" zerschlagen!!!

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  • "the-eminence" zerschlagen!!!

    Eine weitere Gruppe hat sich aufgelöst: THE-EMINENCE!!!

    http://www.the-eminence.com/ wrote:

    Over the past year you will have noticed that eminence, as a group, has been slowing drifting away. It's sad to say but eminence has now reached the point of no return. As of 20:15 19/09/04 eminence ceases to exist. We would like to thank all our old members, supporters and friends, without you we would have not made it so far - Thank you.

    We will never stop living this way...

    Habe es gerade gesehen, als ich durch Zufall auf die Site wollte.

    Und wieder ist eine dahin... :noway:
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