*FHQ* Streaming von Gamecubegames [ENGLISCH]

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  • *FHQ* Streaming von Gamecubegames [ENGLISCH]

    -Working with the all-in-one tool, Cubesoft Phoenix 2.3 (build 133)
    -You need the Game Phantasystar Online
    -You need a crossovercable
    -You need a LAN-Adapter ( for the GC)
    -You need a PC with a LAN-Card
    -You need a Gamecube
    -You need the LOADERS

    This tutorial will show you how to boot gamecube images, load isos, hack the gamecube, some people improperly term it to mod the gamecube, whatever you want to call it, this is how you do it.

    I have yet to rip anything, it seemed easier at the time to just download iso's of the games i already had than risk screwing up a few rips, so if you want to rip, don't ask me (also don't ask me where i found the iso's, that'd be against forum rules).


    Full Gamecube load tutorial v2.0
    (original by Icemonkey)

    Phase 1: Initialize the memory card (fool the game into thinking you have a subscription)

    Tools Needed: Cubesoft Phoenix 2.3
    Phantasy Star Online 1&2 Game Disc
    Memory Card
    Gamecube Broadband Adapter

    Note: If you actually play Phantasy Star Online, you may want to use another memory card for this. Also, you only have to initialize your memory card once, not before each rip or game load.

    Step 1: Boot Phantasy Star Online Game Disc
    Pretty self explanatory, set up the calendar if you wish.

    Step 2: Setup Network Profile

    Go to Online Game, pick Slot A (preferably), create a network info file.
    Click Network Setup when you have a choice (I believe everything else is "Yes")
    click Edit Menu
    Next (don't bother renaming it)
    Choose manually set up an IP address, do not auto-disconnect, next

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS: Leave Blank

    Leave the proxy stuff blank, click next and Save it. Return to the game.

    Your gamecube is now configured to talk to your PC, now we have to configure the PC to accept the connection, then we confuse the GC into thinking you have a subscription to PSO1&2, then we start playing.

    Step 3: Set up the PC

    On Your PC:

    The best option here is to connect a crossover cable from your gamecube, to a network card on your PC, and dedicate that network card to the gamecube, using another for internet. If you absolutely must use the same card for internet, you'll have to switch your settings back and forth every time you wish to play GC.

    I'm going to assume you've got a dedicated network card for the gamecube.

    Go into Network Connections (in WinXP) and go to the properties of that network connection.
    (if you don't have WinXP, the settings are similar when you find them)

    Select the TCP/IP Protocol and edit its properties
    Use the following IP Address:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Gateway: leave blank

    Ignore the DNS settings below, we don't need them on the PC side.
    Apply those settings, you should be able to confirm now that your network card is running on the ip PC side ready.

    Fire up Cubesoft Phoenix 2.3, and go to the Extras tab.

    You have a choice of using PSOLoad or PSUL to save the data to the memory card. I like using PSUL for other things.. so I'm going to use that one.

    Select "Save User Data with PSUL", click Load

    A window should pop up saying it's waiting for a connection, now we head back to the GC.
    (Ensure your crossover cable is firmly connected at both ends)

    Step 4: Create a Character for Online Play

    Go to Online Game, you'll be prompted to make a character. (skip the stupid FMV)
    It REALLY doesn't matter who you pick, and unless you play the game (which I have for only 30 seconds), you're never going to see your character, so don't waste time making them look pretty unless you really care. (I just made a HUmar called Bob)

    Now you see the agreement you're going to get very used to. Read it if you wish, but select Agree to continue.

    You now have to enter a serial number, an access key, and a password. The first two are provided with your copy of PSO1&2, but we're not actually playing online, so just enter whatever numbers you want. Save the password to the memory card to avoid having to type it in every time (suppose you could lock your little brother out of your GC this way, unless he's smart enough to erase your settings and setup the network config again)

    Be sure the PC is ready and waiting for connection, then continue. The Gamecube should connect to the PC, the PC will save the data to the memory card, and the gamecube will tell you it lost connection (this is a good thing, as long as the window on the PC side closed. If the PC side is still waiting for a connection, go back, you did something wrong, try again)

    Your gamecube should now be set up to accept streamed games from your PC.



    Phase 2: Get a Game Disc Image


    This can be achieved through Cubesoft Phoenix 2.3 if you have a game you'd like to copy to your computer, and it is compatible (check the compatability lists).

    For the sake of this tutorial however, I will assume you already have a game disc image, whether it be downloaded or ripped personally.

    (Don't download ISOs to games you don't own, that's illegal)
    (Don't ask me where to get them either, that's against forum rules)


    Phase 3: Stream Game Disc Image to Gamecube

    Tools Needed: Cubesoft Phoenix 2.3
    Download Here: Find it on Google
    Initialized Memory Card (See Phase 1)
    Phantasy Star Online Game Disc
    Gamecube Broadband Adapter

    Step 1: Phoenix Startup

    Fire up Phoenix (unless it's still open from when you did the save game/ripping).
    Ok, here's where the multitude of options arise. Often the compatability lists will tell you which loader is best, if not, trial and error becomes your new friend.

    Pick the "Loaders" tab.
    under Select an Image: Click the "..."
    Select your game cube image file.

    Select your GC Loader: Typically I've found that Animal Crossing Loader 1.4 (ACL 1.4) works best for most games, I've found a game or two that prefer GCL 1.0, and most seem to run fine on the MGS loader, I suggest you try ACL 1.4 first, if the gamecube loads to a black screen, or if performance is generally crappy, try a different loader until you find the one that works best.

    Select the PC Server: I've found that "Standard PC Server" seems to be 300% more reliable than "Phoenix PC Server". Figure out which one works best for you.

    The only other real option there is here is under "Options" (go figure)
    At the bottom you have a choice of DOL loaders (the program that uploads the initial loader code to the gamecube before the game is streamed). If PSOLoad doesn't seem to be working, try PSUL.

    Back at the "Loaders" tab, click "Load"

    On your Gamecube:

    Go to Online Game,
    Select the Character you created, Confirm.
    Agree to the agreement.
    Watch the fancy stars going...

    Now the magic happens and the GC should connect to the PC, download the loader, and you should see it fired up on the screen. If you want to turn on Save Hack (if supported by the loader), Hold Z, Press start, release Z when "Loading..." is gone. Otherwise, just hit start, the game should load.

    If your gamecube freezes at a black screen at this point. Try a different loader, a different DOL loader, a different server. If everything fails even though the game is listed as 'compatible' on the list, your image of the game may be bad.

    Otherwise, you should be in the game, enjoying the fact that you just hacked your gamecube.


    Known Issues:

    Remember you are streaming game data to the Gamecube at 10 Megabits/sec. The broadband adapter is capable of transferring data at 100 Megabits/sec., however, since the good folks at Sega assumed nobody has Internet faster than 10 Megabits, they decided to lock the transfer speed down to that rate. There is currently as of this writing to known fix for this but I hear something is in the works. Games with lots of FMV may run choppy due to peformance issues with the network speed and in-game music is usually affected as well.

    The broadband adapter, and the memory cards, operate on the same bus. This being the case, the gamecube may freeze when it is trying to save and load data from your PC at the same time. To avoid complications, I recommend the following:
    When the intro screen loads (Starcube, or whatever loader you have), remove your save cartridge, do not put it back in until the game requests it, and remove it immediately after loading/saving is complete.

    If your game is one that streams music through the loading (Spiderman 2.. the very first save in billy hatcher), the gamecube may freeze when you try to save, to get around this, use the Save Hack included in some loaders, when you hold up or left on the control pad, the broadband adapter will stop accepting incoming data. If you're already in the menu ready to save, and all it has to load is the music in the background, this is fine. However if you hit those buttons when something critical is loading, you will crash your game.

    Hey.. nobody said this setup was perfect :)

    Feel free to add to this tutorial, I could use somebody doing a full Phase 2 with real ripping instructions.

    Thanks to Icemonkey for writing the original tutorial, to nintendo for giving us the gamecube, and to the guys at Sonic Team for leaving a nice exploit hole in their game.


    So Leute, ich (taker-`) habs genauso gemacht und es ging bei mir nicht das 1. mal! Ihr müsst rumtesten usw.
    Es muss nochnichtmal sein, dass es überhaupt bei euch klappt, aber manchmal gehts halt. Ich z.b. konnte immer die GC-Disc auf den PC als *.ISO streamen, aber wenn ich es dann auf die GC streamen wollte, um es zu zocken, ging es nicht, bis auf ein einziges mal.
    Also erhofft euch nicht so viel, testet einfach mal! :)
    Nein, ich bin nicht die Signatur...Ich putz` hier nur... -.-