Hi, Im english

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  • Hi, Im english

    Hello, I'm Paul from england, i came across this site by accident from google, using translators ive had a look at the forums and you seem some nice friendly honest people, if you will have me id like to stick around, but, do you mind? without using a online tranlator i cant write a word in your language, so shall i reply in english? with an online translated paragraph as well? or should i just stay on my own english forums?


  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    My english is not very good:rolleyes: I wish you a pleasant stay in here.
    It would be great if you learn some german words. Im sure that a lot of members speak a little bit english but german is a beautiful language. All the online translators are shit. I know this ;)
    But if you dont speak german you dont understand anything in here. This is a big problem.
    Naja............ ok, du wirst das schon machen :D

    Hmm ob der wirklich Engländer ist ??


    Dafür kann er ja doch viel Deutsch :rolleyes:
  • hahaha, "ok, du wirst das schon machen" would that be "ok, you already knew that" a lot of german words are similar to english... enough to get the general idea of what your on about.

    ive tried googles translator and worldlingos, neither worked well, had to wait two minutes each page then it would crash anyway...

    your correct, german is a rather nice language, but im glad some of you can read/write in our tounge. :D
  • According to the boardrules english is one (of the two) allowed languages:
    19. Als Postingsprachen sind ab sofort (11.03.2004) nur noch deutsch oder englisch zulässig.

    So, enjoy your stay.

    Best regards,
    Commander Keen
    Ich habe das Wort "Europa" immer im Munde derjenigen Politiker
    gefunden, die von anderen Mächten etwas verlangten, was sie im
    eigenen Namen nicht zu fordern wagten. [SIZE="1"](Nov. 1876)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="1"]Otto von Bismarck[/SIZE]
  • That's very creamy! I think you should try Babylon-Translator to translate German textes, it's quite good!

    PS: Bin 8te Klasse Englisch, habt erbarmen falls was falsch ist ;)