TOH Hot3.0 fixed tps multivision

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  • TOH Hot3.0 fixed tps multivision

    This file emulation has been produced to continue the outstanding work stated by Planet Hemp and the TOH/HOT teams. Our gratitude should be with them for making the Humax 5400 one of the best receivers ever made.
    Hopefully the team will return in the near future, but until then enjoy this

    Version History
    25/11/2004 hot2.1 - fixed conax emulation.
    05/12/2004 hot3.0 - fixed tps multivision.
    Modification of this firmware may prevent any new releases.
    Merry Christmas from XXXXX

    Bitte keine Anfragen wo man das File bekommt! Wird sowieso nicht beantwortet!?!

    Ich beantworte kein PN´s zu Thema Freetv, dafür ist das Forum da!?!