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    Hallo. Wenn ich mit dem FTP Content Maker einen Content machen will dann bekomm ich folgenden ERROR:

    Request 5 Done.
    StatusCode = 230
    LastResponse was : '230 Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply.'
    No error
    Request 14 Done.
    StatusCode = 215
    LastResponse was : '215 UNIX Type: L8'
    No error
    Request 4 Done.
    StatusCode = 250
    LastResponse was : '250 CWD command successful.'
    No error

    Please wait!
    Request 7 Done.
    StatusCode = 550
    LastResponse was : 'Unable to open local file test-ftp'
    Error = 550 (Unable to open local file test-ftp)
    Error = Unable to open local file test-ftp = 550

    Gibt es alternativen zum FCM oder wie kann ich den Error beheben ?


    MFG -187-